Morrissey Central "FUERZA! FUERZA! FUERZA!" (May 26, 2023)

I absolutely love the first song and the last song... they're among the best on the album for me...
same for me yor,america is great and similarly you know i couldnt last is also very good,just shows we all like different things,which is a good thing.
❤️ :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:Moz is better than Sinatra. In my opinion. No FS song ever made me cry, with Morrissey I've cried with many even without understanding the lyrics. That's why Moz is my singer. That's Ser Morrissey and that's why I want him!!!!!!
Wasn't FOTGTD just perfect when they played it on Craig Kilborn? That's when the comeback truly began, I think. Though, when the single/Quarry version came out, I was disappointed with the overproduction.

Forgiven Jesus is still a great song in his catalog. Quarry is not my favorite LP, but there are several gems.

Don't let the blue eyes fool you. :p

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