'FUCK morrissey-solo.com' t-shirt worn by Morrissey and band in Bradford

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By lainey on Jun 28, 2011 at 1:00 AM
  1. lainey

    lainey Active Member

    Jun 24, 2008
    Update (June 29, 7:50 AM PT):
    Media coverage:

    Morrissey wages war on own fansite - The Guardian, link from Uncleskinny
    Morrissey vs. His Fans - ClashMusic
    Morrissey - Morrissey's F-Word Blast At Fan Website - ContactMusic
    Morrissey Hates His Fans, The Music Industry, The Smiths, The Internet And YOU. Probably. - Hecklerspray

    They came out in 'Fuck Morrissey solo.com' for the encore of This Charming Man.

    ironically he was holding a copy of Manchester Music Tour by .......JJ

    Image from Facebook posted by modrevolve:

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by lainey, Jun 28, 2011.

    1. Anonymous
      Does everybody remember our dear darling Scarlet Ibis, who is so nice and does no harm to anybody? I had a brief look at Johnny Marr's twitter and of course she is still going on with him or the other way around. Look what she wrote the other day, our little innocent darling who never does anything to others and only ever is the poor victim.

      Scarlet_Ibis Scarlet Ibis
      @Johnny_Marr @mcckate @msjulie73 Wait... Wait... You wanna virtually watch while we virtually stab Kate? That's dark, Johnny. ... I LIKE IT!
      29 Juni

      Scarlet_Ibis Scarlet Ibis
      @Johnny_Marr @mcckate @msjulie73 Oh! Everybody sharpen their pens! Who's getting stabbed tonight? I'm out of the loop.
      29 Juni

      Scarlet_Ibis Scarlet Ibis
      @Johnny_Marr @mcckate @msjulie73 Am I deciding on whether or not there's to be virtual violence?... Cuz u know I'll always vote yes on that.
      29 Juni
    2. billy scissors
      billy scissors
      I bet he wont sleep tonight
    3. Anonymous
      Well...Would you sleep if you had a personal manager with a face like the back of a tour bus? A musical director that's actually a random pub rock guitarist that's still around because he's a yes-man and makes you look slim? iIf you were getting daily caned on the internet by your fans and if people said you were a hypocrite and that you didn't make mistakes, but rather WERE one?

      Oh wait...Here we go...He's crying designer's crocodile tears...
      (Actually that was more like a lullaby to him. When there's nobody around to smash his skull against the wall, he doesn't fall asleep properly.)
    4. peptastic
      Now, if Morrissey were to take this "fuck Morrissey-solo.com" tshirt off and throw it into the audience would you guys fight over it?
      At the Atlanta gig in '04 people went nuts fighting over his shirt he threw into the audience. It was rather obnoxious to have people elbow you in the face and ignore the music over a shirt.
      I've read Vincent Gallo participated in the tradition at another Moz gig.
    5. Anonymous
      “Why don’t you just admit that every word I write fascinates you? It would save so much time." (and cotton.)
    6. Anonymous
      I can't believe anyone would be so heartless as to say 'fuck' to a site that has a Thumper gif hidden in its forum.
      If adorable Thumper gifs don't melt your heart then you really haven't got one.
      Saying fuck to a little bunny, sorry mate, it's just not on. Respect animals.
    7. Anonymous
      Hello, it's Anonymous again. Yes, I know ;-)
      I just wanted to say to someone that from what I see he's a star, a far too modest good guy, and that he has all my respect. That is all.
    8. Anonymous
      And to Morrissey (it's anon again btw), I'd like to ask, if he wanted to retire, couldn't he have thought of more subtle ways than dynamiting his own home? He probably thought he'd cause a scandal. But as the shock wears off a lot of people are just disillusioned and disgusted. So he's just going to die a slow painful death, instead of going out with a bang.
      It may not be painful now, but experience has taught us sorrow comes in the end.
      He may have had briefly recaptured some people's attention, but they like him even less now, and anyway was it worth losing some good clients? Or just, people?
      Your reasons are a mystery, Morrissey. Let's hope you yourself know what you did it for. If it's to say your band and your football mates come first, well, maybe you should have said so before, instead of constantly sitting on the fence. We can't control people's feelings, and who they prefer. But neither can you.

      You want the loss without the sorrow. I hope it all works out for you and that you'll stay content without Solo to run to. I really do. I hope you've really totally evolved into an independent fahionably cruel cool loaded brutal twat. Cos otherwise, if you're pretty much fucked, my dear.
    9. Anonymous
      (and If you're offended at the word 'if', rest assured it didn't belong in that sentence. Or anywhere in your world.)

      Over to you, possible other anonymous comment. Or chapter 38 closed.
    10. Comtesse
      Sorry for coming in on this late but I've been away...

      Morrissey is such a bitter old queen. Seriously, Morrissey-Solo.Com is THE Morrissey fansite, and by wearing that shirt he is essentially telling his fans to fuck off. Perhaps this is part of his doomed self-prophecy? He must alienate everyone who loves him so that he can die alone, firmly convinced that everyone in the world is against him. "As it always was."

      The truth is... Morrissey can't handle the truth. Dare to suggest that his new songs are pale parodies of his former glories? Dare to suggest that he might be a hypocrite for continuing to indulge in dairy products while self-righteously condemning the meat industry? Dare to hope that he might find a new musical collaborator to inspire him again? Dare to think that his best days are behind him? Then you are the Enemy. As it always was.

      Come on Morrissey, we're human and need to be loved just like everyone else does. We're not your enemy. We are a huge group of people - some nicer than others, some with nobler intentions - but drawn together by having our lives immeasurably enriched by your words and voice. Yes, you're right - we're gonna miss you when you're gone... but you're gonna miss us when we're gone too. You must please remember.
    11. Vauxhall95
      Comtesse!! How very great to hear from you again! How ya been?:)

      Yes, if he wore the t-shirt because of the recent Hollywood Bowl leak I could understand (even though it is my understanding he chose to block its release). But it seems clear from the news reports he didn't appreciate the negative feedback his new material was generating amongst his base. I think there is general agreement that "Action" is nice, but the other two - wow! I'd never felt embarrassment before for Morrissey until I heard The Kid's a Looker. It is God awful. If these are the gems from his next album, and he hopes they will attract the attention of a recording label - not going to happen...
    12. Anonymous
      This is what The Guardian wrote. Others wrote that he did not like the constant discussions about rumours on his sexuality.
    13. Anonymous
      Noone knows why he wore them now, his hate for this site he called SoloW years ago is obvious.
      (The publishing of private letters was one of the things I remember irking him, but there were other issues too)
      That does not mean he would hate his audience in general which would be ridiculous.
      Alternatives to this site exist, somedizzywhore.com or allyouneedismorrissey.com spring to mind
    14. Comtesse
      The best thing about this site - the thing that raises it far above any other Morrissey forums - is its objectivity. David just lays the information out for us as he receives it - and we can make of it what we want. There is no censorship, no weeding of the information so that only the articles that show Morrissey in the brightest possible light are presented, and that allows us to see the REAL Morrissey, not the one that he wants us to see. That's why he hates the site. And that's why I love it. Because I am fascinated with the entirety of Morrissey - the good and the bad. I want to know when he's done noble things and I want to know when he's done spiteful things. But it's been historically true that whenever the truth about Morrissey is revealed, he considers the source to be the enemy. Whether it was Nick Kent revealing Andy Rourke's drug issues back in his Smiths' days or Morrissey-Solo revealing some of his shady business dealings, the hateful reaction is the same.
    15. dead lucky
      dead lucky
      I've been here since the first internet days of morrissey-solo. There were years where things like a Morrissey song playing in the background of a tv show would send fans into a frenzy because that is all they had... for YEARS. Morrissey would've been all but forgotten were it not for the way that David T kept this site going- at his loss- for many years. Morrissey would never have had an album or a tour after Maladjusted if it weren't for this website. There. I've put it out there now. No one would've cared if the site hadn't kept the flames going on the cold nights.
      I'd love to hear what David thinks of the t-shirts. As always, he remains neutral, offering his work up to the wolves that run rampant here... and now Morrissey's joined them.
    16. Anonymous
      ^^ Possibly the most hysterical, hilarious response so far! Try living in the real world: this site means NOTHING. Morrissey's music will still be played and bought long after the morons who moderate and post on this site are dead and gone.
    17. Anonymous
      so everything in moz's career from yatq onwards is all thanks to morrissey-solo? nothing 2 do with the songs & the sold out tours then? how is this site responsible for the tours ffs - does david T book & promote them? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha what utter utter SHITE you write. :D
    18. Anonymous
      I totally agree with Morrissey! Go Morrissey!
    19. Anonymous
      Boz - a pub rock guitarist and "yes man"? So who was it that wrote Speedway, Now My Heart Is Full, The More You Ignore Me, Jack The Ripper, The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils, Reader Meet Author, Maladjusted, Satan Rejected My Soul, Come Back To Camden, Christian Dior, I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris and One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell to name but twelve?

      You do realise that the T-shirt slogan was aimed at arseholes like you who pollute this site?
    20. Anonymous
      Of course Andy Rourke WANTS 'The Smiths' to get back together because he is after money and fame! Morrissey doesn't need the money, the fame and he sure doesn't need the nasty little money grabber Andy Rourke! Morrissey is doing fine as he is! Morrissey hates Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce so why would he want to be in a group with them? Go Morrissey for standing up for what he believes in!

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