'FUCK morrissey-solo.com' t-shirt worn by Morrissey and band in Bradford

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By lainey on Jun 28, 2011 at 1:00 AM
  1. lainey

    lainey Active Member

    Jun 24, 2008
    Update (June 29, 7:50 AM PT):
    Media coverage:

    Morrissey wages war on own fansite - The Guardian, link from Uncleskinny
    Morrissey vs. His Fans - ClashMusic
    Morrissey - Morrissey's F-Word Blast At Fan Website - ContactMusic
    Morrissey Hates His Fans, The Music Industry, The Smiths, The Internet And YOU. Probably. - Hecklerspray

    They came out in 'Fuck Morrissey solo.com' for the encore of This Charming Man.

    ironically he was holding a copy of Manchester Music Tour by .......JJ

    Image from Facebook posted by modrevolve:

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by lainey, Jun 28, 2011.

    1. Anonymous
      Exactly. We're sensitive. Like artists. We whine. Like heifers. Closer comes the screaming knife of Morrissey. He's always pointing something at us. (quote, see film.)

      Oops no sorry he's not anymore. He's not feeling himself tonight. He fills his t. shirt, that's it. :-d
    2. Anonymous
      ONE single solitary dog or cat (or any animal) should be Too Many for PETA.

      They are shameful hypocrites.

      MOZ should open his mouth about this one but I am sure he'll be conveniently silent about murderous PETA. Now is not the time for Morrissey to be a coward when speaking up (but I bet he will be).
    3. Simon from B
      Simon from B
      what´s the story morning glory...for me the best song of moz is (and will be) spring heeled jim...and i pray to god to he´ll play it life again...enjoy the tour...don´t discuss boring things...take it or leave it...live is a pigsty...and btw..the new songs are powerful...i like them...
    4. nozmuppet
      Vuck U Morrissey, Yes when you were young. Now It`ll be Tea & biscuits how U like it.

      Vuck the Anonymous Moz slayers. Bring back the Sweet & Tender hooligans who grew up on Suedehead.

      Vuck Rock, Moz youre a Pop singer you`re words can paint 1001 pictures.

      Vuck the Marmite band U like it or U dont, Keep the drummer he Kickass.

      Vuck Bowie, Jump back & attack like U did on Your Arsenal.
    5. Anonymous
      Believe me he is a coward and a laughable one.
    6. Anonymous
      ...How right you are about that. Completely agree.
    7. Anonymous
      PETA has proven themselves to be a worthless, self-righteous, empty suit of an organization.

      They deserve NO respect.

      Read this Snopes forum if you have a few moments: http://msgboard.snopes.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=24;t=001466;p=1

      What say you, Morrissey? You seem to have an opinion on everything. This is YOUR organization.
    8. Sir Tuborgnights
      Sir Tuborgnights
      Regardless of what is said on whichever websites that his audience choose to contribute to, lets not forget the performance at Glastonbury, broadcast on T,V, for all to see!!!
      Never mind blaming Radiohead for the crowd.
      Never mind about U2s flashing drumstix and effects.
      Never mind the rain either.

      He should breathe a sigh of relief that the BBC had the footage removed from utube.
      It was awful on the eyes and awful on the ears.
      The band looked like they'ed been asked to come in to do an extra shift at short notice, and the sound they produced was the worst I've heard of his many line ups,(It really says something when you can say that you have heard tribute bands that sound a lot better).

      Sometimes I have wondered if the band are really that happy with him treating them like a bunch of puppets and dressing them up in kilts,various T-shirts with HIS points of view on or having to appear naked on record sleeves.

      So as far as I am concerned he can whistle dixie,he's not gettin a penny off me now.
      I will always use "morrissey solo", "True to Ju" is utter shite.

      Its there for all to see Mizzerrey "Biz Borer and the PlasticYankeeDoodles" are done for so why don't you man up and sort it or "GET OFF THE STAGE"
    9. Berryvox
      Hahaha! I don't hate this site. It's the one REALLY good Morrissey news site I've come across. But that's still hilarious.
    10. Anonymous
      and buy some bras your floppy tits look dreadful under those t-shirts.
    11. nozmuppet
      Oooh I forgot....ps vuck the Communist Chinese Party...not the trodden chinese people!!
    12. Benny the Butcher
      Benny the Butcher
      Fuck Morrissey......... Eat Cows,Pigs,Lambs and Elephants feet.
      Say sorry or the animals get it !!!!!!! Moz you cheeky bastard
      Sign up people and smell the bacon and the burgers(ooooooohhhmmmmmm)
      Cats and Dogs are for Christmas ,yeh !!!!!

      Fuck Moz/Fuck Animals hit HIM back and see how he likes it????

      Post your favourite meat recipe's
    13. Anonymous
      Quite simple isn't it? DavidT, Kewpie and rest of solo are cry baby hypocrites! Allowing an Internet forum the freedom of speech and at times allowing people to link downloads to official material and links to leaks of new albums which causes less sales for Moz but then whining and moaning when Mozzer uses his freedom of speech is why he wore the shirt! You Solo-ers may brag about tour date announcements and news etc but there are other, less bitchy, moaning and hypocritical forums and sites that tell us this info without the shite that, on here, follows with it.

      Time David etc realized that the precious Solo is just falling and failing! And time they notice that if they are gonna have the freedom to say whatever they want about Moz that he will say things back, he's only human although many Solo-ers treat him like some sort of object!!
    14. Anonymous
      Miserable, bitter, old Gay fucker... Sick of his winging shite....
    15. Anonymous
      Well then fuck off and listen to Lady Gaga and Beyonce!!
    16. Sir Tuborgnights
      Sir Tuborgnights
      Hi Mizzerrey sat in your hotel room reading this FUCK YOU HHHHhhhaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and yer shite band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    17. Anonymous
      Somebody had to bring sexuality into it.....as thought that has anything to do with it!?!
    18. MozVegan9
      Hahaha, he definitely succeeded in what he wanted to do..... Completely piss off every unsatisfiable fan on this site who could really care less of him. I love him for stuff like this.
    19. Anonymous
      Love how whoever wrote this is likely sat alone in a room somewhere assuming that Moz cares enough to read what they are saying whilst he is on a European tour with sell out shows!
    20. Anonymous
      Agreed, nice to see somebody has a life and doesn't allow themselves to be dragged into a fuss over a tshirt lol

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