'FUCK morrissey-solo.com' t-shirt worn by Morrissey and band in Bradford

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By lainey on Jun 28, 2011 at 1:00 AM
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    Jun 24, 2008
    Update (June 29, 7:50 AM PT):
    Media coverage:

    Morrissey wages war on own fansite - The Guardian, link from Uncleskinny
    Morrissey vs. His Fans - ClashMusic
    Morrissey - Morrissey's F-Word Blast At Fan Website - ContactMusic
    Morrissey Hates His Fans, The Music Industry, The Smiths, The Internet And YOU. Probably. - Hecklerspray

    They came out in 'Fuck Morrissey solo.com' for the encore of This Charming Man.

    ironically he was holding a copy of Manchester Music Tour by .......JJ

    Image from Facebook posted by modrevolve:

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by lainey, Jun 28, 2011.

    1. Anonymous
      This is not some form of comedy by wearing that t shirt , no way.

      He hates this site with a passion due to the fact he has no control over it and no control over what is written and said.

      I have posted one or two comments on here about his music and his personality, as I think as fans we like to discuss with one another his music mainly.

      Let's be Frank now and before I start don't shoot me down in flames because I have different views to you.

      I do not like the music he has put out since rott. The band and I use that term lightly , are frankly rubbish and if M thinks they are exceptional , that's his opinion. Some fans including me think otherwise.

      Then you have the quite blatant dis-interest in the record sleeves which quite frankly have been shocking. The best ones are lotfip , southpaw grammar (original) , boxers (uk) , Roys keane , alma matters , world of Morrissey..........you get the idea.
    2. Anonymous
      Yeah, I think you've posted in the wrong place.
    3. Anonymous
      I find it baffling that this is a forum in which we are given the freedom of speech and can say what we like about Morrissey but as soon as he uses his right to free speech and reacts to the bitchy comments on here everybody gets in a huff and takes their teddy bears home!

      Morrissey solo...populated by utter hypocrites! If you can't take what he says, then don't dish out the savage comments. He's Morrissey, and he'll do what he likes; has it really taken you nearly 30 years to notice this!?
    4. Anonymous
      ....but that has become his trademark now, being childish in all things in order to shock and get attention, he is pathetic with regards to the things he will do to get publicity he may get a headline here and there but i would very much doubt too much respest.What an idiot chasing fame at any cost, in his case, it is clearly- integrity.
    5. Anonymous
      This shirt is just a proof of how good this site is! Go on, David!!!
    6. Anonymous
      I remember Johnny Marr criticizing these forums where there is news and then viewer comments because many people who post comments good or bad in his belief are scary. You have to remember and Morrissey needs to remember that some of what goes on here is not from actual fans but trolls. So to paint this whole site because of the actions of a few is not right. But Morrissey also has to realize he cant control who listens to his music and who likes it. People regrettably arent always going to like his music and I think the real fans who do not like it, will be disappointed to not like it. I know when I do not like some songs, or albums, it pains me much. I am not happy that I do not like it. I want to like it but them are the brakes! Deal with it!
    7. Anonymous
      If Morrissey fucked this site, the celibacy discussions would stop at least.
    8. Anonymous
      If anything, there seems to be more people here, and more people posting than before. Nobody, as far as I can see, has gone anywhere. Steven is entitled to say what he likes (regardless of how pathetic) and, likewise, people are entitled to ridicule him further.

      I find the whole thing most encouraging.
    9. Anonymous
      Did you ever had any doubts about it?
    10. Anonymous
    11. Anonymous

      From which century is this?
    12. Anonymous
      They're exactly like him: provocation without any substance.

      They say meat is for zombies, well they've obviously never tasted brains.

      44 dogs. God they tried really hard, didn't they...
      Pathetic. And very sad.
    13. Anonymous
      'Not In My Name'

      Get real, folks: Morrissey is appalled by this place. Not by the fans, but by the sickening egomaniacs who hijack this site with their poisonous rants.

      How poignant the lyrics to Speedway seemed in Grimsby last night.
    14. divine
      Why does Morrissey hate the site so much anyway?
    15. Anonymous
      Johnny...come back...
    16. Anonymous
      Flax is online now

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      Default Re: Morrissey - Live at the Hollywood Bowl, 2007

      No. The DVD is hardly worth that price! Not to mention, considering the audio for it has already leaked, and it is no longer the rarity it once was, the price for these things should drop by half.
      Great analysis. Could you show me where I can find this DVD for half the price? Thanks!

      Morrissey's business is to sell his songs and concerts. To make this interesting he designs sleeves with notes written by himself, pictures and such. This superfan however in his overeagerness to brag how he is one of the best who has everything has complied a whole website where everybody can go and see all this without having to buy the actual record. No loss for them if they just download the songs from the download section, however Morrissey sells less records.
    17. Anonymous
      ...definitely not a lot compared with the Rspca; in 2010 they found new homes for 83,268 animals. Without the help of any bimbo or any kid that's a looker, apparently.
      Even the lovely Catmower on her own is more efficient than that in helping animals.

      "Never scratch the surface" is the message we are being bombarded with from the M/ Peta camp.
      Thank God, we have the internet.

      Morrissey probably wants to fuck the whole of the internet, he's that nasty. He might have a cardiac arrest doing it. If that fit musician there with a guitar doesn't help him.
    18. Anonymous
      What a load of whining, over sensitive children you lot are!
    19. Morrissey_Sucks
      Wow, Morrissey does suck! What poor taste....
    20. Anonymous
      For a start you don't KNOW that, and in any case I doubt very much it's true. He's been down on this site for a long time - firstly referring to it in print as "So Low" then recently refusing to sign Dickie Felton's book because David T is thanked in it, and now culminating in the Bradford T-Shirt Incident.

      It's not about a dictatorial level of "control" it's more about, quite rightly, not wishing to have his name associated with the mean-spirited, aggressive, hateful bile that frequently spews out from this site. And to my mind that's perfectly understandable. You say in your own post "please don't shoot me down in flames if you have a different opinion" - but that's precisely what always happens here. And it's not just "shooting down in flames"either, it's the continual obsessive degeneration of petty disagreement into the most vicious hate-filled name-calling and extended personal vendettas. I think it's both ironic and very funny that so many people here have been offended by that pithy "FUCK MORRISSEY-SOLO" logo when these pages are often filled with language that's far more extreme, inflammatory and objectionable on so many levels. Just another example of the shocking hypocrisy that prevails here, but not surprising, I guess.

      I wonder if the problem is actually the brilliance of his lyrics, the fact that so many people grew up listening to the words of The Smiths and feel that Morrissey's writing speaks to them personally and therefore only "they" can understand the "true" meaning of the work and its author (and fyi Mike Joyce, the Band wasn't in the Author). Perhaps it's this sense or belief of "ownership" that leads some fans to become so enraged and hysterical (in every sense of the word)? This might explain why such violent verbal arguments erupt so often, like hormonal teenagers fighting over a girlfriend; it may also explain why so-called fans become angry with Morrissey now, complaining that his work "isn't good enough". Perhaps the problem is more connected with nostalgia and when they write "your band is rubbish and so is your music" what they really mean is "I wish I was young again, with no adult responsibilities, and it was just me and my Smiths records in my bedroom". Has the world changed or have I changed?

      Of course we all know that none of these people REALLY hate Morrissey or they simply wouldn't be bothered enough to take the time to post. Nor would these latest concerts have sold out almost instantly.

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