Friendly Fires


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Sorry they don't do anything for me. There is nothing about this band that seperates them from anybody else out there quality wise. All in my opinion of course!
I sort of agree with you, their sound is nothing ground breaking, they remind me a bit of the band foals, whom I prefer. Having listened to their album, (self titled) I think their best song is that one ^, and even then it's only the chorus that catches me :cool:
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saw them coupla weeks ago at nme gig

white lies
friendly fires

and most folk i spoke to after thought friendly fires were the best band.....including my son.

But they do nothing for me....but clearly what do know.
I see them last week in oxford street hmv they are really good i got my promo 10" vinyl signed and had a little chat with them and got our cds signed and got there new double cd for £5 as i had the first cd release with me : ) paris is the only track iam not to keen on but the rest of the album is sorted! ive played yor about 3 times but this friendly fires album ive lost count! its feel good and has a talking heads feel about it! listen to hopital and u will hear why!


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FFs are f***ing awesome live. very high energy.

i saw them at Coachella and was blown away; saw them again at the El Rey and they were even better. got tix to see 'em again in November

the album is good stuff-dance music with a soul. normally not my thing at all, but one of my fave acts out right now (but Foals are better ;) )
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