Morrissey Central "FRIDAY 26 JULY" (April 13, 2024)


On Friday 26 July, Warner Records will re-issue Morrissey's 1993 live in Paris album, Beethoven Was Deaf. The release is global, and the album will be available on CD, black vinyl, and orange vinyl.
The album originally reached #13 in England, but was not released in the U.S. The venue is the Zenith in Paris.

Two special event concerts are planned to launch the July release. Please watch this site for details. New sleeve above.

Beethoven Was Deaf to be reissued:

Media item:
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Morrissey Camp is not the source for the design. They don't like the shadow at the bottom of the shirt, but for whatever reason, Warner is not going to go back in with the clone stamp to remove it. So Morrissey camp circles the shadow and passive aggressively posts the cover because they know the nature of Solo. After all, Morrissey camp is playing nice with Pete Galli, but there's still some room for plausible deniability posting this cover with their subtle lassoing. And Morrissey camp is never going to be a breeze to work with, they've got to live up to their reputation somehow to establish hand in some way.
Could be... all those posts about how much Morrissey has lost it with this cover, and we don't know if he had anything to do with it or was even consulted.
Bit sad the gigs are the US and I can’t make them
Will just have to make do ordering the vinyl, seen this online

(They are showing as having copies of RSD re-release of Interlude as well for those still looking)


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