Fretsore Records / YouTube: Dana Gillespie - Spent The Day In Bed (Official video)



Love this!
Great video , very good cover :clap: Dana !
Lacks the punchy vocals and instrumentation of Moz’s original. Not a bad effort though.

of course the production isn’t as high of a quality as Morrissey’$. But I actually feel it being more lively, especially with the use of harpsichord, and more dynamic with the contrast of the rocking chorus and outro. Though, I can understand it not being for everyone.
I really enjoy this, such a great groove. Good to see Morrissey be covered in such a loving and enjoyable way. Well done, and good luck, to Gillespie and team.
It’s very good: I get a strong Stranglers influence being teased out, which I hadn’t recognised in the original.
I like the end of the video where she’s actually lying in bed, and I enjoyed the whole video.
Here's an interview where Dana chats with Tris Penna, co-producer of the track. Interestingly, she refers (about 15:00) to the co-producer of her 1974 album (Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle) John Porter who, of course, later became The Smiths' producer.

I would make one change to the video: the last still image, should have been Morrissey laying in the bed with Dana and each of them with a lit cigarette, or vape pipe, with a exuberant cloud of exhale.
I actually really like that. Great voice, and I love the intonation throughout. She smashed it.
I like the cover version, especially the music when it kind of goes wild. But....that (leather?) couch sure isn't a bed, ehhh unless it's a pull out bed. Obviously I much prefer Moz's version but as cover versions go this is one of the better ones I think.

A pathetically pedantic p.s. from pitiful me.... if you're telling people to stop watching the news then don't have 20 news shows playing in the video.
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