'Free Morrissey' t-shirt added to Mporium UK



There's a few new designs added, this one stood out.

Not sure of the thinking behind this one.
I didn't know he was trapped anywhere!? :)
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Forever Ill
Mporium's add with album and 3 t shirt plus post card bundle was not to buy from the Netherlands, as I try anything twice, there wasn't a click to go ahead and buy.

I think it's time Morrissey gives free T's for all te ones who get email from Mporium.


The message is far too oblique for me, and I haven't got the time or inclination to work it out. Is this a sign of someone having too much time on their hands, and assuming that I sit pondering their every utterance? All I come away with is a sense of someone up their own arse. I love Morrissey but I don't like this sort of self absorbed promotion.
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its not me its you.
I still don't get your shtick.

It's not funny. I really want it to be, but I'm always left tilting my head like a dog trying to make sense of a command.
stopped reading his quotes a long time ago,unfunny with a hint of madness and I still don't think he lives in la.


Morrissey doesn't understand that freedom works both ways. People are free to turn away from you. Boycotting is one of the most available freedoms people have. To walk away is the very definition of freedom.

Morrissey has always held himself captive. He needs to free himself, but he's not the type to take advice; especially at his age.

Making yourself as unlikable as possible is putting a target on your back, and when you walk around with a target on your back, someone's going to hit it.

That's true for some of the people on this site.


Don't Leave Us In The Dark
only on morrisseysolo could a t shirt cause anger and in-fighting.
I got an email the other day where you DO get a free t shirt and postcard set when you buy a vinyl copy of high school.
That sounds ace. But how much is the vinyl? I'm always wary when I hear 'free'.
Although.... during my Manchester visit in July Brewdog were giving out free ale on the street, so it does happen from time to time.


Don't Leave Us In The Dark
I just realised there's a t-shirt on there that references the unreleased track from a few years ago 'Action is my middle name' - which is strange. I would really like a proper studio version of that song, I liked the studio in session version.
Yah that was a good song. Nice anthemic verse from Moz. If you listen carefully you'll realise that he is in fact singing "Acton Is My Middle Name".
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