Franz Nicolay Offers Coachella 2009 Morrissey Recollection in Tour Diary Zine

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By Skylarker on Nov 24, 2012 at 5:04 PM
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    I went to an excellent solo show the other night by singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Franz Nicolay, who has toured and recorded with numerous musicians in recent years including The Dresden Dolls and Against Me!, and who is best known for his five-year stint as keyboardist in The Hold Steady, the greatest band ever to exist.

    He was on tour to promote his latest record, Do The Struggle, and at the show he was selling several zines he'd written, including one called Tour Diaries 2007-2009, which I purchased that night.

    I was amused and interested to find a section wherein he briefly but candidly recounts the time that The Hold Steady played at Coachella Festival in 2009, whereupon he had occasion to observe Morrissey (you will remember this was Morrissey's infamous "burning flesh/walkout" show.)

    In the short passage, which I've scanned in, he offers some observations of Morrissey's behavior as well as a compare/contrast between Morrissey and Leonard Cohen, who also performed at the festival that year.

    The relevant bit begins at the last paragraph of the first page and continues until the bottom of the second.

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    1. Anonymous
      It's known, unfortunately, with Morrissey, that you're taking a chance. "Compare the best of their days with the worst of your days, you won't win." I like Morrissey and Leonard Cohen but I'd still take my chances on a Morrissey show.
      I don't knock the guy for writing his honest opinions but he saw a bad show. It happens.
      Morrissey has a bad habit of leaving the stage before the show is over. I realize he was doing it to make a point at Coachella but it is rude not to say goodbye. The best show I saw him do was near perfect but he still disappeared during the last song.
      On the other hand, this thing about not wanting to sing The Smiths songs is not something I ever noticed. When he did "Boy With The Thorn In His Side" he said something like, "I never thought that one would get cheers" or something like that. It's on Hollywood Bowl. He didn't sound like he was putting it down, though. That show was the most "show business" I've ever seen Morrissey. Maybe he really hated singing The Smiths but you got the feeling that he was singing these songs as a celebration of his entire career. It didn't feel like something to please the part-time fans. If he was being a "performer" he was very convincing.
      Anyway, at this point, there can't be anyone who goes to Morrissey shows to hear The Smiths songs. Okay, there's one or two, and they might even be 14 and not old fans that can't let go. The point is, I don't think he has to sing Smtihs songs, and I think a lot of people wish he wouldn't. I don't want to hear him sing The Smiths. If he sang my favorite Smiths songs I'd love it, the first time or two, but I don't need to hear Hand In Glove or whatever. I never liked "This Charming Man" or "Hand In Glove" as much as "Still Ill" "You've Got Everything Now" or at least 2 or 3 others on the debut. If he would sing "What She Said" and most of the ones on Rank, I'd love it, but I don't want to hear the biggest hits in concert anymore. How Soon Is Now is a great song, not one I'm tired of, but I don't want to hear them play it anymore.

      It's not like I think the guy is a dick for writing this. I want to like him as an independent musician doing his own thing. I respect what he's doing very much. He saw a bad show and wrote about it. It is what it is.
    2. 123xyz
      Thanks for posting , Skylarker. Surely it's a bit too conspiratorial for Nicolay to claim Morrissey's somewhat addled antics were a response to Smiths songs ?

      Also have to mention the nice job you've done with your "Unabomber" avatar :D
    3. CrystalGeezer
      Pass a pint of peeber, this is relevant. :cool:
    4. Skylarker
      I absolutely agree with every word of this. Great post.

      I'll just add that I think that since Franz is clearly a fan albeit not a disturbed, obsessive one who follows Morrissey's every bowel movement, he may have had a misinterpretative opinion regarding Morrissey's view of playing Smiths songs. Other than that I think his views on what happened were spot-on and very well expressed.

      You wouldn't know relevance if it ran over your dog.
    5. CrystalGeezer
      Women & Children Ghost Counsel disagree. :p
    6. Skylarker
      I don't know what that is.

      Anyway look; I posted this because right now we have news stories about some shit rapper expressing a desire to work with Morrissey; news is slow so anything, however barrel scraping it may be deemed, counts as a point of interest.

      I don't know how often you post here anymore; I really can't be bothered to scan through the boards much these days but I submitted this story because I thought it was a well-written and relatively objective, even-handed approximation of a specific incident involving Morrissey, by an outside observer. I wasn't interested in turning it into a Crystal Geezer-shits-all-over-a-thread-fest.

      So yeah, you call 'irrelevant' when somebody says Morrissey's a pissy bitch. Fine. The world will recover from the shock, somehow.
    7. CrystalGeezer
      Chill out. :squiffy:
    8. Anonymous
      ...will never happen.
    9. Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Oh my god. it's Robby!
      I would place that Moz performance in the bottom 10% of the ones I have been priviliged to be at :straightface:
      still, for me, it was great just to make it there in time to see him, we drove like maniacs all the way from SF nonstop! :guitar:
    10. Anonymous
      No you didn't.

      You posted this because this person shares your disdain for Morrissey.

      If this "shit rapper" said something negative about Morrissey I'm sure you'd be ok with that.

      Also, if this woman's interest in Morrissey and his name being mentioned in a new interview is (as you've deemed it) scraping the barrel, then what the fuck is an excerpt from some hipster's 3 year old diary?
    11. 123xyz

      Can you really be so sure of this ?
    12. Anonymous
      Of course I can't. I'm not him.

      I can read between the lines though. Skylarker has been very vocal about his feelings towards Morrissey.

      If you think that there was no pleasure taken in posting something negative about Morrissey then you're probably either disingenuous or a bit naive.
    13. Skylarker
      I'm trying to read what you wrote but all I can make out is "I'm desperate, I'm desperate, I'm desperate."

      Oh well.
    14. 123xyz

      Skylarker's also been very vocal/active in categorising & uploading about a billion bootleg tracks - is this indicative of an undying , obsessive , hotly sexual, love he nurses for Morrissey ? I'd argue probably not.

      My disingenuousness or naivety ? How about your arbitrary inferences ?
    15. Anonymous
      About a billion, eh?

      I'll think what I want. You think what you want.

      He's stated his opinion numerous times of Morrissey and his recent output. This thing he's posted echoes his opinion. He also clearly thinks poorly of a lot of the people that post here. I can't imagine someone with these opinions not finding some glee in rubbing negativity into the faces of people he would describe as "disturbed, obsessive one who follows Morrissey's every bowel movement"

      If you don't see it this way then whatever. Seems pretty obvious to me.
    16. Skylarker
    17. Anonymous
      What an accurate description of Morrissey "PISSY BITCH"

      The world is full of meat eaters Morrissey accept it or be consumed.
    18. mcrickson
      I feel as though this might be the first time on this site where someone has threatened to eat Morrissey. Outside of the Frink thread.
    19. Anonymous
      Skylarker, like Skinny, is just an arsehole who embodies everything that is wrong with this site. It's not a fansite, it's a Disillusioned Haters site - why doesn't davidt just have the balls to be honest about it?

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