Fox5NY: Morrissey, Exclusive Performance & Interview (October 20, 2023)

UPDATE October 20:

"Sure Enough, The Telephone Rings" on "Good Day New York / Fox5NY - Winkin’ Long / YouTube. Link posted by TheSmiths_1985.

Interview with Rosanna Scotto now on Fox5NY and YouTube:

From MarcoD71 (mp4 download available):

Audio link and screenshot posted by Famous when dead:


Posted by Famous when dead (original post):


Media coverage:
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I guess this is worth interjecting:

They could have walked past each other today or anytime this week...
New York being ironic on several levels

Would be interesting if the picture of The Smiths used for advertising the NY gigs you posted the other day had a hidden meaning.
Johnny's on a big promo push for his book and album, doesn't have a lot of name recognition in the US. Morrissey's career is at a low point. It's NYC where Andy Rourke lived and died. If Johnny would just walk on and do one song with Morrissey on Saturday night. Think of the press and the good will!

There seems to be a lot of interest in his book tour, the Brooklyn venue holds 1000 people and is sold out.
I thought that the interview was stage managed very well, with the back drop of
BOT and the interviewer talking about BOT, and the MC situation.
Obviously she was advised with what Questions to go with, which worked well, as Mozz didn’t 4uck things up this time.

To all who are attending the Mozz shows over the next few days, I hope you all have a
Fantastic time.
"Sure enough, the telephone rings - we want your body."

Clearly pro-reproductive health, pro-self-identity, pro-Self-Determination.
Enjoyable interview, Morrissey funny and fairly chatty. Absolutely hate sure enough though…pile of crap. I do like Veronica, but they could easily sub Miley for someone else. He just wants it to be her to attract a new audience.
I’ve seen a clip of Camila singing. Maybe she could do it?!
Oh Moz!! That behind-the-scenes video talking to the journalist moves me a lot, Moz has that accent, that little song in his voice that I love and he spoke in a low voice, he showed his tie, with animals. I confess that my eyes filled with tears because I see him as a good guy, I love him very much, I love Moz, huh... My sweet Mosuchiss gives me so much tenderness and is an icon and a legend. To certain people I ask you not to attack him, to understand how he is, not to speak badly. poor Moz, many here in Solo go too far... He's a good guy. It made me want to hug him
thought the womans phone was going to fall on the floor,he kept looking to his left wonder what he was looking at.
Most important message he put out to record companies is: I’m willing to do promotion again.

That makes a world of difference, combined with the fact he will be 65 next year, it is 40 year since The Smiths’ debut plus a healthy gap between the last album and the new one makes me very optimistic there will be new music from Morrissey released in Spring 2024.
like the interviewers enthusiasm,he should do more of these,he seems more relaxed with female hosts.
Great to see the interview & performance
Personally I’d have picked ‘the night pop dropped’ as the tune to play, would’ve worked a lot better especially for that type of morning tv show
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