For sale two 12" SMITHS lps Best offer

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I am selling The Smiths - William It was really Nothing Marbled Vinyl.*This is the 12" vinyl EP William it was really nothing from*The Smiths.*Marbled coloured vinyl. Made in Germany, # INT 125.219. No. 72 from The Smiths 100 Greatest Rarities (Record Collector June 2005).*Very good*condition.*

I am also selling The smiths girlfriend in a coma 12" vinyl RTT 197. Scratched but not too bad, plays perfectly ok. b-side "work is a four-letter word" and "i kep mine hidden" IMG_1537.jpg!Bc!VE-Q!2k~$(KGrHqIH-CIEquOQ(0FvBKyl(CqSlw~~_12.JPG.jpgthere is a slight rip to top left*corner edge as you look at the sleeve from the top otherwise ok

message me if interested! selling to best offer
collection morrissey rare smiths
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