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    Feb 12, 1997
    FOR HISTORIC RECORD, BEFORE I DIE. - Morrissey Central
    June 28, 2019

    …the ten most important recordings

    1. New York Dolls - New York Dolls
    2. Horses - Patti Smith
    3. Chelsea Girl - Nico
    4. Ramones - Ramones
    5. Raw Power - The Stooges
    6. The Velvet Underground & Nico - The Velvet Underground & Nico
    7. Kimono My House - Sparks
    8. For Your Pleasure - Roxy Music
    9. White Light/White Heat - The Velvet Underground
    10. Jobriath - Jobriath

    Buy these today or drop dead.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by davidt, Jun 29, 2019.

    1. marred
      I feel alone...
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    2. Anonymous
      Nice to see two VU albums on there. The VU & Nico (Banana Album) is absolutely my favourite album of all time. It really is high art, not just a musical recording.
      The list only contains albums from the 60s and 70s. I think this says much more about Moz's outlook on the world rather than any nonsense about 'racism'.
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    3. Trill
      Better than List of The Lost, I suppose.
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    4. Bill Zero
      Bill Zero
    5. rifke
      thank you mozzer!!! and here i was just about to ask people what their top ten albums of all time were (non-Morrissey, that is). and instead of getting a list from just anyone, i got it from YOU!!! how did you know?!?! the thing is mozzer, as you may know, i don't know THAT much about music, but im trying to learn in case i should perchance happen to run into anyone important in London (someone like you, mozzer!!), and so I've been doing some cramming. hence my need to know the top albums i must listen to. so i will listen to these mozzers! i may not BUY them because im a pauper and so i don't have anything to play them on, except my computer. so i will probably be listening to them while i play mah-jongg or whatnot (do you like mah-jongg too?!). i trust that i will love them, because i KNOW that you are a man of supremely good taste. now, please stop being morbid and reducing everything to life and death. love you, darling!!!

      p.s. are you going to be in Vancouver in October?! because i need to know if i should stay here until then? i would for you, lovebug! ONLY for you!!
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    6. Glamorous Glew
      Glamorous Glew
      Your Arsenal is missing from this list.
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    7. FantiQ
      I’m surprised he didn’t get bored of the music he listened to as a teenager. I Could get by never hearing Horses or Velvet Underground & Nico again.
    8. Bill Zero
      Bill Zero
      Probably not the best timing for him to claim that the 10 most important albums ever are all by white people.
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    9. gordyboy9
      bill where have you been,zooming round the shoulder of orion,70 posts in 13 years,not like you to post on here.
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    10. FantiQ
      Yeah it would have been better if he had thrown in at least one artist of color. Either that or maybe all.
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    11. Anonymous
      Aztec is right he is an American .

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    12. Ugly Devil
      Ugly Devil
      He likes new wave rock music, not many ethnic (if any) musicians communicate through that genre. I think most people's top 10 albums here would be very white.
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    13. Anonymous
      There are also no Burmese barbershop quartets, New Delhi dwarf combos, blind lemon jazz from Jamaica, Canadian classical throat music , Yeti yodeling from Uruguay, Samoan spoon players or Swiss sitar sonatas either. He could easily have swapped the Ramones for Diana Ross instead. Disgraceful!
    14. Thewlis
      Just one British album.
      As he claimed in the past ‘there is just one great British album’.
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    15. Anonymous

      That night in 2009.
      One night in Germany. You at your 2nd Moz gig scowling at everyone. Even your kid was embarrassed

      I think we’re alone now - Tiffany x
      Yawn we ve heard this before a few times
    17. Eric Hartman
      Eric Hartman

      I love “For Your Pleasure” by Roxy Music. Don’t care about the other ones.

      Bryan Ferry truly is The Last Of The International Playboys!
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    18. NealCassidy
      Why didn’t he do covers of these then
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    19. Orson Swells
      Orson Swells
      He did songs from two of them, didn’t he? And he has already covered songs from some of the others in the past - like Trash and Redondo Beach. I suppose he was trying not to be too obvious in his selection.
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