For Doomed Delicates - Sheffield 31/01/84 at the correct speed!

Someone kindly uploaded the Doomed Delicates CD from Sheffield Uni 31/01/84 a few weeks ago, so thanks for that. However, anyone who's heard it will know it plays ridiculously fast (so much so that Passions Just Like Mine says that I Don't Owe You Anything sounds like Sandie Shaw!).

I thought this was a shame, as it's one of the best gigs from the tour (best set list, and being the first night, before they got sick of touring!) So I've tried to correct it to the right speed.

To be honest, I've laboured over it so long I can't tell if it's the right speed or not - I can't decide if it may still be just slightly fast. But it's certainly a lot more listenable than the original :D

See what you think.

I hear you, Tim... Think of what you give as an expression of gratitude for what you have, or as a gift to those who truly deserve it, and you'll feel better. It makes me feel better when I think this way... You're great...

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