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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hulmerist, May 10, 2019.

By hulmerist on May 10, 2019 at 1:42 PM
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    Apr 26, 2006
    Posted by the party this AM:

    Morrissey supports For Britain - For Britain

    We’ve had another clear endorsement from Morrissey!

    You might have seen on social media that legendary musician Morrissey has been spotted proudly displaying his For Britain badge - twice!


    Morrissey is known for his fantastic music, but also for his politics. He unashamedly stands up for Britain, our culture and heritage, and our working people - the backbone of our nation. He is also passionate about animal welfare so it should come as no surprise that he has thrown his weight behind our party.

    We want to thank him for his courage in defying the lies and smears.


    People of all backgrounds are joining For Britain… we have members who have come from Labour, the Conservatives, the Greens, Ukip, and other parties and none. They join because they increasingly realise what we stand for - decency, fairness, compassion, justice, and above all, Britain.

    This is beginning to shine despite the attacks we endure from all sides, attacks which make us stronger.

    On top of this, we have just won our first seats - we beat Labour in the north and the Tories in the south. We achieved this while standing only a small number of candidates - just imagine what we can do as we grow! We came second in several other seats and have gained more than ALL other parties in various seats around the country.

    For Britain is the future and more people realise this.

    JOIN US NOW, be ahead of the curve, and be a part of this historic movement. No new party has made an impact like this in our lifetime!

    Also posted by an anonymous person (original post):

    Canada news website ETCanada are rattling about the For Britain story. They mention Fiona Dodwell on it, who was defending him, funny cos all other comments on there are negative but she keeps going, does old dodwell

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hulmerist, May 10, 2019.

    1. Andy Jones
      Andy Jones
      Wales is listening

      freedom of speech and democracy please

    2. WhalleyRange
      These right wing parties are masking their true nature by claiming to be pro Israel. And their acceptance by Israel itself proves that everything Corbyn and his supporters say about Israel is true.
      It's a dangerous game to play, to create and ally with anti Islamic parties. It may rebound badly on them. It's their choice.
    3. WhalleyRange
    4. Anonymous
      Audi, four zeros and one behind the wheel

      BMW, kebab moped

      Mercedes, gypsy car
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    5. Anonymous
      Jimmie Åkesson the Sweden Democrat leader has been attacked by bangers two days in a row now on his EU election tour of Sweden.

      He wishes people would opt for a milkshake.
    6. Sid Not-vicious
      Sid Not-vicious
      Suggest you read The Daily Mail website where public figures share their views every day of the year and then Brits happily tell them to F off.

      Moz is just one of many and given his core target audience/size of his fan base his “stance” will be unknown to most Brits.
    7. GodEmperorMorrissey
      You not observe the recent election? Brexit party gained seats, Across Europe nationalist parties were winning . Nationalism is rising.Logos is rising. The globalists kept pushing so hard that people are waking up. I am not even a big Tommy supporter but this is the people of Britain signing truth

    8. GodEmperorMorrissey
    9. Sid Not-vicious
      Sid Not-vicious
      Of course I observed the recent election. That has nothing to do with my point so I apologise if I was not clear:

      Every day celebrities say stuff/speak their mind. And plenty of Brits enjoy telling them to shut up.

      Moz isn’t unique, then.

      He can say what he likes, advocate for who he likes and Brits will respond as they see fit.

      ‘Nationalism” might be rising which will put more pressure on nationalists to deliver the goods and nationalists under scrutiny. They’d best build a utopia, when given the chance, or they’ll end up being killed by angry voters one day. A 27 year old nationalist who has driven the nation to ruin will be beaten to death.
    10. ForgotHowIGotMyName
      They are already getting killed by immigrants so I guess they have nothing to lose.

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