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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hulmerist, May 10, 2019.

By hulmerist on May 10, 2019 at 1:42 PM
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    Apr 26, 2006
    Posted by the party this AM:

    Morrissey supports For Britain - For Britain

    We’ve had another clear endorsement from Morrissey!

    You might have seen on social media that legendary musician Morrissey has been spotted proudly displaying his For Britain badge - twice!


    Morrissey is known for his fantastic music, but also for his politics. He unashamedly stands up for Britain, our culture and heritage, and our working people - the backbone of our nation. He is also passionate about animal welfare so it should come as no surprise that he has thrown his weight behind our party.

    We want to thank him for his courage in defying the lies and smears.


    People of all backgrounds are joining For Britain… we have members who have come from Labour, the Conservatives, the Greens, Ukip, and other parties and none. They join because they increasingly realise what we stand for - decency, fairness, compassion, justice, and above all, Britain.

    This is beginning to shine despite the attacks we endure from all sides, attacks which make us stronger.

    On top of this, we have just won our first seats - we beat Labour in the north and the Tories in the south. We achieved this while standing only a small number of candidates - just imagine what we can do as we grow! We came second in several other seats and have gained more than ALL other parties in various seats around the country.

    For Britain is the future and more people realise this.

    JOIN US NOW, be ahead of the curve, and be a part of this historic movement. No new party has made an impact like this in our lifetime!

    Also posted by an anonymous person (original post):

    Canada news website ETCanada are rattling about the For Britain story. They mention Fiona Dodwell on it, who was defending him, funny cos all other comments on there are negative but she keeps going, does old dodwell

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hulmerist, May 10, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      Far right?

      Your compass is in need of repair.
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    2. Anonymous
      A flaming valley boy from that eyesore Cardiff opens his mouth and the sheep go bah bah bah.
    3. Anonymous
      Funny how Morrissey turned into Urbanus and it is quite clear Moz followed his every move and digested every word.

      Fly the swedish flag, they made him number 1 in the charts. Bergman would have been a Moz fan using his music in his films.
    4. Bluebirds
      A roof over your head, making sure your nearest and dearest are fed and watered and a job.
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    5. Anonymous
      The basics in life for a welshman in wellies.
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    6. Anonymous
      Only someone who does not live full time in England would wear this badge, like with the American's and the Royal Family, Morrissey is divorced from reality. Morrissey is a child of immigrants, his self loathing knows no bounds.
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    7. Anonymous
      Your "country" exists only at the mercy of the queen slipping with her pen or not.
    8. Anonymous
      How often do Maserati update their badges?
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    9. Uncleskinny
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    10. nairng
      I live and work among a high percentage of muslims. This may shock you, but they are ordinary human beings. None of them want to 'take over'. To take the actions of a few extremists as representative of the whole is wrong. There are extremist christians who are horridly anti-abortion, homophobic etc. But most christians, jews, muslims, buddhists, hindus, atheists etc etc are ordinary human beings. The more you talk to them the more you will accept this truth. Don't listen to the alt-right twats who want to foment hatred. The word 'islam' means love
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    11. Anonymous

      "I want to thank my parents and Pilla and all the other women in my life"

    12. reelfountain
      Believe me, I would never listen to the Zionist funded alt-right.

      It's the Zionists who work and lobby for more immigration that are using these Muslims as tools to demographically dominate Britain. You are breaking it down to individuals. I'm talking about the wider picture.
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    13. Anonymous
      Most people who endorse a politician or party have their own issue they feel is best represented by them and most of them aren't 'awful humans'. 'save our green area' 'keep our factory open' free education'.....
      And its OK about the English despising the Irish, the Irish loathed the English and everything they did to them, but we're all chummy now, though the Royal family are still shitty fascists.
      As I spend my days in bed I like to think of morrissey enjoying his affluent lifestyle, he earned it unlike the royals.
      As for Picasso he was an absolute bollocks.
    14. Anonymous
      Muslims in western countries aren't the problem. It's the Muslims who currently live en masse in countries where they still stone people, make women cover up and even kill gays. Those are the ones we need to be wise about immigration for, not your every day Muslim colleague at the bank or school
    15. TonyMaroneythePony
      Nothing to see here, folks, keep moving.....
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    16. Anonymous
      Steve is not generally a bad human being - and he's not generally an idiot.
      But when it comes to politics he is totally and utterly muddled. He simply does not understand so many of the basics. He endorses these clowns because he's a feminist (their leader is a laydee), he's a gayist (their leader is gay), and he's an animal rightsist (so is their leader).
      There is no dictionary definition of far right but they are clearly a right wing party, much more so than the current Conservatives. Their aims include to abolish inheritance tax (leave the super wealthy with all their money), end environmental taxes (nature is a language?), spend more on the military... the list goes on. Even as recently as his last album he lampoons the president for spending 'more on nuclear war if that's your chosen illusion'. Yet this is exactly what FB want to do - spend more on war! It's absolutely staggering that he could be so foolish not to have made these connections.
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    17. Anonymous
      So Morrissey supports for Britain for their tremendous stance on animal rights , if you take the time to read their manifesto it only states that they want to outlaw halal slaughter, what about the rest of the animals that are being slaughtered. The whole point of their supposed animal friendly policy just to wind up the Muslim populace in the UK .
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    18. nairng
      @reelfountain... Zionist-funded plots to demographically dominate the UK with muslims??

      And Bush did 9/11. And they never landed on the moon. Also the earth is flat. And Elvis is alive. Have I missed anything?
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    19. NealCassidy
      Why should he pay UK tax on global earnings if he doesn’t live here? Do you think he should pay tax on everything in the UK and US and Switzerland so pay more in tax than he earns...
    20. Anonymous
      Can't wait for a UK tour. If he has the guts, do me a favour...

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