For Britain ceases to exist, Anne-Marie Waters says her support "has collapsed"

Well, that's a right f***ing shame, innit? Wonder how Mogsy's gonna take the news?


For Britain, one of the UK’s most prominent far-right parties, has suddenly announced it will cease operations.

Anne Marie Waters, head of the anti-immigrant For Britain party, said her support “has collapsed” and that she is quitting electoral politics immediately. “The process of closing everything down has started today,” she said in a statement to members.


Her party was once deemed one of the best-organised far-right parties in the country, boasting a handful of councillors. Tommy Robinson, who has the largest online following of any far-right activist in Britain, gave the party a boost when he joined this spring. The Smiths frontman Morrissey said that Waters was the first person in his life that he had voted for.

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No mate, 'they' got mad because he urged everyone to vote for racists

This kind of comments exposes the limitations of your ‘thinking’, Skinny.

You automatically assume that anybody who thinks we should have a discussion about the levels of immigration in the U.K is a horrible racist. There are many other justifiable reasons why said conversation should take place, but you leap on the one where THOSE PEOPLE ARE BAD so that you can jump up and proclaim that I AM GOOD.

And that’s really all it is: you creating a scenario where you can shine a spotlight on your virtue & claim to be FIGHTING RACISM ‘cos you’ve got f*** all else going on in your life after you realised that you squandered it all idolising a pop singer, you transparent waste of skin.

I overreacted a bit to something.

I was going to lurk - but I can't stand bad journalism. Even in a substack.
Starbucks..... You sure not sipping a pink Gin in this glorious weather 😃
So what will Anne Marie Waters do next?

Waters has announced that she will focus instead on producing videos, articles and resume Sharia Watch, a dormant Islamophobic project she launched in 2016.

That's all well and good, but I think she should give up on Blighty and move to Los Angeles. Irish blood, English heart, American domicile. According to PETA and Moby, Los Angeles is the most vegan-friendly city in America. Important to her, its Muslim population is a mere two percent, compared to London's fifteen. And her favorite 80s musician, another expatriate, could pull up outside her bungalow in an Aston Martin wearing 70s shades.
Substack! It's the "online platform" that crap article was published on.

I'm drinking a martini & lemonade - also - I'm back at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year!! 🥳
Put it down and rebut those numbered points you so easily dismissed. Or could it possibly be that (a) you can't be bothered or (b) you can't do it?

My guess is both
Mossad agents will keep forming these tinpot controlled opposition type outfits until the Great Replacement is finished I'm assuming.
Put it down and rebut those numbered points you so easily dismissed. Or could it possibly be that (a) you can't be bothered or (b) you can't do it?

My guess is both

I repeatedly rebutted the entire lot.

You can work your way through it here:

Yeah, you should probably do a bit of reading. Every line is referenced. Now go back to your room, and work on rebutting each point.

You ever said anything that you regretted?
I read through their entire "manifesto" because of this pin thing, there's some ok ideas , some daft ones, no one noticed they folded because no one noticed them before they folded.

sick to death of Labour and Tories we all may be but there'll never be another party (short of a coalition making a false government) other than those two in charge, not in our lifetimes, the key is improving existing parties,, not supporting fringe parties that only split a vote. I hope Moz has learned this? Probably not.....put the whole sorry incident in the history bin Mozza.
Which citation do have an issue with?

I don't know about Uncleskinny or citations, but I have an issue with you making a show of deleting your account and then coming back shortly afterwards under a new name. What is the point in that? I, at least, have had the same account & user name for four years, and you maliciously accused me of being a sockpuppet for a noxious account. So charitable, coming from a so-called "Catholic." I don't think St. Teresa of Ávila will being seeing you anytime soon, because you are a nasty calumniator.
I think Morrissey would express disapproval of the "far right"-label. He would say they're not far right, not far left, but far forward/progressive. It's part of his punk, against the-grain/mainstream, brave persona. He sang of being "sick to death of Tories[/Republicans] and Labour[/Democrats]" after all ([live]). Can you imagine how brave you would have to be to publicly defend that "Meat is Murder" in 1985? And btw the allowance to let Uncle Skinny broadcast his mental illness and obsessions/hang ups for all to see is not good for this website, I think I must say. In my country there is an ethical practice of the media, that they do not give attention to people who should be protected from themselves. Morrissey-Solo should take responsibility as a news outlet and media site/forum.
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