Footie ace Joey meets idol Morrissey - The Sun

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By davidt on Jun 30, 2011 at 3:38 AM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by davidt, Jun 30, 2011.

    1. Anonymous
      Nauseating. Barton is a low life thug
    2. Anonymous
      MORRISSEY SAYS FUCK YOU. It's people like you that make Morrissey hate this site. Shut the fuck up and go away.
    3. Anonymous
      Most pathetic post of the year?
    4. celibate
      that's the cause of the problem, much said/written no anonymous posts, or
      theymake a deal with David why they want to post anonymous

      It's great whomever you are whatever you do, and get the chance to meet your Idol

      have the 3postrer anonymous 1 invited by Morrissey to come along backstage, or near a gig, and
      have a talk and a picture

      Fantastic moment for Joey Barton to get invited by Morrissey

      nuff said:mad:
    5. Anonymous
      I wasn't the OP but why is it the most pathetic post of the year ?

      I suppose kicking the crap out of a team mate causing serious damage including a detached retina is ok ?

      Is it also ok to stub a cigarette out in the eye of a youth team player ?

      Yeah, nice bloke, and well deserving of his obscene salary.
    6. Anonymous
      Anonymous racist bastard! Thanks Morrissey. Your such a strange character sometimes, honestly. WHY????
      Perhaps a meet and greet with Hitler himself next eh, Hes a big fan of your too you know!
      This has really really made my day.
      His lovely cousin serving time for murdering poor Anthony because of the colour of his skin.
      Well done Morrissey, you have surpassed yourself this time!!!
      Joey is really gentle and kind. Isnt he? Flipping heck! thought the original post was a joke.
      Oh and your splashed all over the Sun news paper too. Great move! do we really know Morrissey at all.? How terribly disappointing
    7. Anonymous
      Joey Barton is a vile, odious man who should have been kicked out of the game long ago as a bad role model due to his sickening, violent behaviour. I wouldn't want to stand next to that animal at a bar after he's had 8 pints. What on Earth is Morrissey doing?
    8. Anonymous
      If you knew you were due to meet Mozzer would you wear a Beastie Boys t-shirt? That's a greater crime than any of his previous misdemeanours.
    9. Anonymous
      Who is Joey Barton? He sounds Terrible.
    10. Anonymous
      Morrissey looks ill in that picture.

      Does anybody know what's wrong with him?
    11. Anonymous
      ha ha dead funny the Beasty boys t -shirt comment. Well said! sums up that scum bag!
    12. Anonymous
      He looks remarkably good on this picture, I found. He really enjoyed meeting him, I thought, when I saw the picture.
    13. Anonymous
      Joey Barton needed a shrink and a stay at a farm where he could fish and relax to be able to stay in the game. he is still a legend at Mancfester Shitty where he was idolised for achieving absolutely nothing which is what they love to celebrate at that "club".
    14. Anonymous
      I'd prefer anonymous posters to this inane fool babbling his quasi-English on every news item, any day of the week.
    15. Codiglio
      He is only old
    16. Anonymous
      Is morrissey wearing a dressing gown?
    17. Anonymous
      off duty attire, markies ? :) He looks great and his tour has been stunning to date x
    18. celibate
      that's why I will come here, but for socialise, if I have time, to go to
      Quiffa's site

      btw I touched a nerve, so maybe go to see a shrink, ' cause I ain't leave here, just
      the mainpage items, if you can't stand my writing, ask some pills that calms you

      return to valium:straightface:
    19. In Kewwpie s Knickers
      In Kewwpie s Knickers
      Why has M got a face like a smacked arse?

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