Flood magazine review by AD Amorosi - IANADOAC 7/10

Morrissey, “I Am Not a Dog on a Chain” - 7/10, Flood Magazine
By AD Amorosi


"Morrissey has never exactly been pleased with the way things are, whether it be affairs of the heart or the state of the nation. That he’s let his misanthropic ideas beyond the lovelorn and lyrical fester, bubble, and boil over into some truly tragic political public opinions has been both ugly and unnecessary. To hear him speak is to long for his silence.

To hear him sing, however, in that familiar British bellow—caustic, witty tales of missed opportunities, of artifice and chicanery, of isolation beyond the emotional, of torrid and tawdry romances, and of the breadth of possible dissatisfactions, all with a dash of black humor—well, that’s our Morrissey. And it feels good. "
I don't think they have heard him speak, because it's not ugly or festering - it's gentle & rambling. And he's still funny, intentionally & unintentionally.

Journalists & Primary Sources really need to get reacquainted. ?
"Occasionally, the record feels long and repetitively mopey, despite being only eleven tracks long."
Can't disagree with ya more.
The record moves with ease like a refreshin' breeze.
Moz really did a heck of a job of selectively sequencin' the song selection.
i am not a dog on a chain review
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