Fkn Ticketbastard scam, grrrrrrrrr


I got my credit card bill today, shocked to see three 'Mondial Assistance' total £11.47 which I had not aware of.

I rang my credit card company asked about it, a man told me that Ticketbastard chaged event cancellation insurance fee for each ticket booking.

I booked tickets on behalf of my friend who is in Philippine until the end of May.

He suggested me to call 0871 2000 428, but 0871 is premium rate call.

What a disgusting scam to charge their customers without informing!! :mad:

Walter Ego

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I'm no fan of this company. Extra charges, overpriced postage and now their own ticket touting reselling site.
Capitalism eh? You get what you overpay for.

I am a Ghost

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A friend elsewhere told me that TicketBastard are hocking a vinyl copy of Years of Refusal in a frame, which one can purchase for a couple of quid, at the bargain price of £51.


You know when ticketmaster will stop charging the rates that they do?

When you all stop paying them. I go to a LOT of shows and sporting events. I do not HAVE to go to these things. Nothing says I have to go. If I disagree with the fees I just do not buy tickets.
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