First time going to Morrissey show.


"Get bladdered!"

Don't bother queuing up from a ridiculous time. You will find the real hardcore drinking shite southern lager that is overpriced to the hilt down the Dog and Duck, reminiscing about when Moz mentioned Co-Ops and the wish for homosexual imagery to be splashed around the stores.


and after all this time
I was a first timer recently in New York so I can relate to your excitement.
It was worth anything I suffered and every penny I spent for those 3 nights.

Just be prepared to be bummed when it's all over and really be jonesin for
the next tour.

Enjoy the ride.


Now My Heart is Full
If you plan on being in the front, expect pushing, shoving and... some bruises. :)

I'll say, and if you're a girl and like me arent very well endowed on the top half, wear a padded bra, lol, mine were sore for days after the gmex gig and being sardined against the barrier (too much info lol :rolleyes:)
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