First Smiths/Morrissey song heard?


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What is the first Smiths or Morrissey song you actually heard?(And where and when if you can recall)
This could be varied according to youth or otherwise.

Mine is "Heaven knows I'm miserable now" on daytime radio (Radio 2!) which was very unusual. In a car in Skipton, Yorkshire, England.1984.


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HSIN on MTV in '86, maybe? Properly tho, from a co-worker in 1988 who handed me Meat is Murder on cassette tape. Said I HAD to listen. And so marked the beginning to no end of the obsession.

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Asleep from The Perks Of Being A Wallflower in May 2006.

i recall spending the rest of my summer trying to find every Smiths song i could, haha.
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HSIN sometime in my childhood that I can not recall. Its "that song" that you heard dozens of times but never knew who it belonged to.

And The More You Ignore Me...when I was 12 years old at swiming lessions. That I remember clearly, but didn't know anything about the artist. I wasted a good decade before I realized what I was missing.

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Probably something obvious like How Soon is Now, Girlfriend in a Coma or The More You Ignore Me at some obscure time in my childhood. Leaning towards How Soon is Now largely due to the phase my mom went through with Charmed, the original of that cover must have come out of computer speakers at some point.

Ever since I got into music I knew The Smiths, was one of those names that commanded respect ye know?
Just clicked at some point for no real reason. Chemical reaction I'm guessing.

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Interesting Drug....saw the video late one Sunday night (must have been summer, so I didn't have to be in bed early) on MTV's 120 Minutes. I had heard of Morrissey, read about him, knew I'd like him, but never heard any of the music til then. I remember being a little shocked by the schoolboys in black pumps. :p


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I believe it was What difference does it make??? Have to think way back to 87. I'm sure I heard more of thier songs on college radio just didn't know it.


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You're the one for me, fatty in 1992 on MTV. Never been the same since then...


i heard handsome devil on a skate in 04 or 03?

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I heard First of the Gang at TV some day in 2004, I spent may days finding out who this artist was; and when I did; one month later I had read like thousands of pages about the man, I had heard almoust every Smiths song.. I was so obsessed... Those were the days!


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I believe it was What difference does it make??? Have to think way back to 87. I'm sure I heard more of thier songs on college radio just didn't know it.

Me too! I was very young and I loved that song. My older brothers would organize parties at our house, to hangout with friends, etc - well, this was the 80's!! - and that song always played - I had no idea who they were at the time.

So, years later - in the early 90's - I "discovered" MOZ and was really into his music, so naturally I went back to the Smiths songs and to my shock, I realised this song I remembered from those parties, was his :o :D :guitar:
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