"First of the Gang to Die" in Pitchfork Top 200 Tracks of the Decade


181. Morrissey
"First of the Gang to Die"

Morrissey's doomed romantic persona is the perfect vehicle for this update of American gangster mythology, which moves the action from the fedoras, Tommy guns, and speakeasies of 1930s Chicago and New York to the modern mean streets of L.A. His snuffed gangster, Hector, is no angel-- he steals "from the rich and the poor and the not very rich and the very poor," and steals our hearts as well. Morrissey's grand musical backdrop and emotional distance allow him to croon his way to Hector's complex inner nobility, and the result is a sensitive anthem for a tough, tough guy. --Joe Tangari

I'm looking for maybe one or two other Moz tracks to make the top 100 (not yet released) and for Quarry to make the Top 200 Albums (out September 28).

This is all from their end-of-decade (1999-2009) feature called P2K on their website (http://pitchfork.com/).


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Rocking tune on a rocking good album. At first I didn't love the chorus lyrics, but now I think they'll pretty bad ass. Great tune!



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Another list. And a boring song. Why oh why did they pick THAT particular song???
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