Fiona Dodwell posts photo with Morrissey (October 9, 2022)


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There is another one, posted by Ms Dodwell in the comment section:

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Love how triggering this thread is for all the Fiona Dodwell haters ;)

If they’re not hating Morrissey, then they’re hating Fiona. It’s a wonder why they bother coming to this site. Extremely bizarre.
The term "humasexual" is embarrassing indeed and seems to have been hijacked by a strange contingent of Morrissey's fanbase that don't want to view him as gay.
So referring to a Morrissey quote is hijacking? Okay then. I couldn't care less how he spends his days in bed but it does seem like some here really need to lock him down as gay. I have no idea why.
I honestly do not mean this in a nasty way, but what is it with M and fat women?
It's like most of his female friends are not very good-looking fat women. M is a fox you would think he would get some totty
I honestly do mean this in a nasty way, what is it with U and fat women? Or is it all women? Have a word w/yourself. It’s like you’re incapable of saying anything nice. It’s a great photo and well done Fiona.
SER adds:


Could be hinting at an interview or similar maybe - maybe not!?
I don't think she looks fat, she looks small next to Moz. Also, the 'special needs' comments reflect much more on the poster than Ms. Dodwell and the "I am not trying to be mean' disclaimers are insincere and foolish. This is a nice pic of Moz with a friend, why make it so negative. Her fawning is annoying sometimes but everyone else is fawning over these shows too.
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I think maybe its because she tries to make out she is giving an objective opinion when in the reality it's a limited subjective opinion paid for by M.
She is a hired, cut price PR copywriter and she pretends she isnt . She also knows very little about M or the Smiths, often copying other people's blogs and things said on this very page.She knows even less about music history in general.
How the heck can you write about a pop star when you don't know anything about him as a person and you don't know much about him as a music pop star and you know nothing about the area of music he works in?
It's a complete joke. That's why. The point that person was making, I expect, is that M used to be cited and respected by major thinkers in the culture world. Now he has to pay a 6th rate hack to write defense pieces that only morons take seriously. By doing this M looks worse than if he would have said nothing
Even lesser pop stars hire ex-music writers to write their fluff articals, not Steven, he is so tight he has to hire a "vanity book " writer from the Amazon self-publish section.
Do you think your writing is intelligent and well informed?
So M pays her to write about him but does not give her any information about himself to use in her articles. Yes, that makes sense :rolleyes:
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Fiona must also be conservative and right wing. Does she have damily in Israel ?
Question, is she one of the users who has cleaned and embellished Morrissey article on wikipedia ?
Because steangely, there isn't any mention of his "Chinese Sub Species" vile quote or the low comments he did on black music.
You should actually read Wikipedia before asking these questions.
Also, it should be noted, Morrissey has received apologies and won a court case from those who have called him racist. It's all there.
Yes but the NME 2006 article was written before his tag on Chinese people as "sub-species". The fact that this remark didn't appear on wikipedia smells the work of a public agency. Especially as he had expressed once complains about the lead of his biography on wikipedia years and years ago, far far before the "Der Spiegel" interview or his comments about Lepen. I read the article and it is close to looking like a hagiography in certain sections, like politics's.
Did you read my post? I told you it's there, go take a look
I honestly do not mean this in a nasty way, but what is it with M and fat women?
It's like most of his female friends are not very good-looking fat women. M is a fox you would think he would get some totty

She ain't fat, nor not very good looking. You should see some of the young uns where I live! Yes, young uns! And not meaning it "in a nasty way" is quite nasty really
You’re just as bad, with your hatchet job….
First off lets get something straight for some of the readers in the intellectual cheap seats
Re Marred's comment, in case it was aimed at me, Im hardly "triggered" I don't care about her one way or the other. I certainly do not hate her.
However, I think her addition to the PR section of M World, was not very well-thought-out, even my daughter writes better than her (she is 12)

Now regarding a hatchet job.
A hatchet job usually mean someone who comes on telling lies about someone and being nasty about them , trying to ruin them.
None of that applies, I guess saying she's fat and looks a bit special needs, is rude but she says she doesn't read this site , so if she doesn't then it won't bother her
It was more a comment on M and fat chicks , then my eldest said she looks like a "Downs" person, which made me laugh, then I couldn't shake the fact, the photo looked like one of those celebs visiting the mentally ill, type ones

Regarding the comment in this thread. I didn't lie or say anything untrue, what I said is based on what I have read and what I have heard.
Does she know a lot about M? No
Does she know a lot about Smiths? No
Is she a good writer? No
Does she write fluff articles for M? Yes
Does M feed her things to say to the public? Yes
Does she write self-published "vanity books" on Amazon ? Yes
I was also just explaining what I thought Amy meant, to a poster, was I right? Amy pressed like and didn't mouth off, so I guess Yes
Did M used to have people like Nick Kent, Paul Morely write things about him. Yes
Does anyone approaching that caliber touch him. No
So, I had to agree with Amy
Fiona has said some pretty nasty stuff about other people, in her , paid for, M defense articles .
So, "You get what you f***ing deserve"
He has described women's bodies as "honeypots sprawled like open graves" - I don't see much nuance there really, but each to their own. I think he is a conflicted man who has struggled with his sexuality throughout his life. He said he didn't recognise terms like "bisexual" because they confuse people and make them feel shit (paraphrasing). That's fair enough, but 'humasexual' is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I don't see any point playing with words or going along with this 'smoke and mirrors' thing for a guy who is 63 so I say what I see, and I think he is gay.
Hold on, Do people think M is not gay still? from what I know about him, in the smiths to the late 90s he was bi but mostly gay
Hold on, Do people think M is not gay still? from what I know about him, in the smiths to the late 90s he was bi but mostly gay
Is this really back to debating if Morrissey is gay? 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭
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