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I referred to this at the time of completing the 'co-write' project, so for those who might be interested, here's some data related charts/graphs for folks to digest at their leisure. It'll be impossible to show just one single graph with all tracks, so I've split them into score-ranges:









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Here's a couple of interesting data graphics: Final Top 20, by co-writer, track, & score, & also same representation for the final Bottom 20:

Top 20 by co-writer.JPG

Bottom 20 by co-writer.JPG
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A huge thank you to @Mozmar for doing this. Threads like these keep us sane.
Kinda obvious results seeing Boz, Stephen and Alain at the top I suppose! Interesting, though!

Jesse, what-cha doing all the way down there you silly sausage
Things are always obvious once you have (accurate) data.
Without it, all you have is 'opinion'...
Thanks so much, Mozmar!

In 2014 we did a similar survey rating all the songs individually and this was the final top-20:

1 Everyday Is Like Sunday (1988) 9,53
2 Speedway (1994) 9,53
3 Now My Heart Is Full (1994) 9,52
4 Suedehead (1988) 9,52
5 The Last Of The Famous International Playboys (1989) 9,44
6 Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself (1994) 9,41
7 Jack The Ripper (1992) 9.28
8 Late Night, Maudlin Street (1988) 9,19
9 The National Front Disco (1992) 9,14
10 Hairdresser On Fire (1988) 9,13
11 Trouble Loves Me (1997) 9,12
12 Seasick, Yet Still Docked (1992) 9,11
13 November Spawned A Monster (1990) 9,11
14 Will Never Marry (1988) 9,05
15 First Of The Gang To Die (2004) 9,02
16 Irish Blood, English Heart (2004) 9.01
17 Sister I’m A Poet (1988) 8,97
18 Nobody Loves Us (1995) 8,96
19 I’ve Changed My Plea To Guilty (1991) 8,95
20 Life Is A Pigsty (2006) 8,95

Remarkably close to the final scores today.
Full & final combined 'co-write' listing (text/number format):

1Everyday Is Like SundayStreet9.58
3Late Night, Maudlin StreetStreet9.45
4Now My Heart Is FullBoorer9.39
5The Last Of The Famous International PlayboysStreet9.36
7Why Don't You Find Out For YourselfWhyte9.30
8First Of The Gang To DieWhyte9.29
9Jack The RipperBoorer9.24
10Life Is A PigstyWhyte9.23
11Trouble Loves MeWhyte9.16
12Will Never MarryStreet9.15
13Nobody Loves UsWhyte9.12
14Hairdresser On FireStreet9.00
November Spawned A MonsterLanger9.00
16The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I GetBoorer8.96
17Seasick, Yet Still DockedWhyte8.92
18The National Front DiscoWhyte8.91
21I've Changed My Plea To GuiltyNevin8.78
22I Know It's Gonna Happen SomedayNevin8.76
23Come Back To CamdenBoorer8.70
25Hold On To Your FriendsWhyte8.63
26Irish Blood, English HeartWhyte8.59
Interesting DrugStreet8.59
Billy BuddWhyte8.59
Glamorous GlueWhyte8.59
32Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big DifferenceStreet8.55
34Sister I'm A PoetStreet8.52
35Piccadilly PalareArmstrong8.51
36You're Gonna Need Someone On Your SideNevin8.49
37Home Is A Question MarkLopez8.48
38Spring-Heeled JimBoorer8.46
40Yes, I Am BlindRourke8.38
41Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl DrowningBoorer8.33
42We'll Let You KnowWhyte8.31
43You Have Killed MeTobias8.29
44Sing Your LifeNevin8.28
45The Edges Are No Longer ParallelWhyte8.26
46My Hurling Days Are DoneTobias8.24
47Let Me Kiss YouWhyte8.23
48Once I Saw The River CleanTobias8.22
49Friday MourningWhyte8.20
The Never-Played SymphoniesWhyte8.20
51Certain People I KnowWhyte8.19
52I Have Forgiven JesusWhyte8.16
53A Swallow On My NeckWhyte8.14
Alsatian CousinStreet8.14
55We Hate It When Our Friends Become SuccessfulWhyte8.09
56Something Is Squeezing My SkullWhyte8.08
57Dear God Please Help MeWhyte8.04
58Alma MattersWhyte8.03
59I Am Hated For LovingWhyte7.97
60Our FrankNevin7.96
61Angel Angel Down We Go TogetherStreet7.95
One Of Our OwnManzur7.95
63My Love LifeNevin7.94
64The Lazy SunbathersWhyte7.93
65I Live In OblivionTobias7.92
66You Know I Couldn't LastWhyte7.91
Ouija Board, Ouija BoardStreet7.91
68There's A Place In Hell For Me And My FriendsNevin7.90
69Little Man, What Now?Street7.89
70I'm Not SorryBoorer7.87
Staircase At The UniversityBoorer7.87
72I Know Very Well How I Got My NameStreet7.83
73My Dearest LoveWhyte7.82
74Reader Meet AuthorBoorer7.79
75The World Is Full Of Crashing BoresBoorer7.77
76I'd Love ToBoorer7.74
77Used To Be A Sweet BoyWhyte7.73
Whatever Happens, I Love YouWhyte7.73
The Ordinary BoysStreet7.73
80I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero NowWhyte7.72
It's Not Your Birthday AnymoreWhyte7.72
82The LoopNevin7.71
Driving Your Girlfriend HomeNevin7.71
84The Teachers Are Afraid Of The PupilsBoorer7.69
85Have-A-Go MerchantWhyte7.67
86Break Up The FamilyStreet7.64
87When Last I Spoke To CarolWhyte7.60
He Knows I'd Love To See HimArmstrong7.60
89You're The One For Me, FattyWhyte7.57
Mute WitnessLanger7.56
92Wide To ReceiveCobrin7.53
93I Don’t Mind If You Forget MeStreet7.52
95Jim Jim FallsTobias7.48
96Oboe ConcertoBoorer7.47
97(I'm) The End Of The Family LineNevin7.46
98The Boy RacerWhyte7.46
Satan Rejected My SoulBoorer7.46
100Michael's BonesStreet7.42
101I Can Have BothBoorer7.41
102Saint In A Stained Glass WindowWSK7.40
What Kind Of People Live In These Houses?Tobias7.40
104My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying GoodbyeWhyte7.38
105Lucky LispStreet7.36
106I Will See You In Far-Off PlacesWhyte7.35
107Girl Least Likely ToRourke7.33
108Spent The Day In BedManzur7.32
110Dial A ClichéStreet7.29
111Let The Right One Slip InWhyte7.28
113You Must Please RememberWhyte7.25
114Mama Lay Softly On The RiverbedWhyte7.24
In The Future When All's WellTobias7.24
The Youngest Was The Most LovedTobias7.24
117All The Lazy DykesWhyte7.21
118I'm Throwing My Arms Around ParisBoorer7.20
119Best Friend On The PayrollWhyte7.19
Teenage Dad On His EstateWhyte7.19
121Oh Well, I'll Never LearnStreet7.17
Bengali In PlatformsStreet7.17
123The Father Who Must Be KilledWhyte7.16
125Good Looking Man About TownWhyte7.13
126Lifeguard On DutyStreet7.12
127The OperationWhyte7.10
I Like YouBoorer7.10
129Bonfire Of TeenagersLopez7.09
130Do Your Best And Don't WorryWhyte7.07
131I Wish You LonelyBoorer7.06
132To Me You Are A Work Of ArtWhyte7.04
You Should Have Been Nice To MeBoorer7.04
134All You Need Is MeTobias7.03
Drag The RiverBoorer7.03
136At AmberStreet7.00
137Without Music The World DiesManzur6.99
138Love Is On Its Way OutManzur6.98
139Shame Is The NameWhyte6.97
140Pregnant For The Last TimeNevin6.96
One Day Goodbye Will Be FarewellBoorer6.96
142The Bullfighter DiesTobias6.95
143I Am VeronicaWSK6.94
144It's Hard To Walk Tall When You're SmallWhyte6.92
145Rebels Without ApplauseBoorer6.91
Margaret On The GuillotineStreet6.91
147How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?Whyte6.89
Julie In The WeedsBoorer6.89
149Honey, You Know Where To Find MeBoorer6.87
150King LeerNevin6.85
151Darling, I Hug A PillowLopez6.84
My Love, I'd Do Anything For YouLopez6.84
Christian DiorBoorer6.84
154Sure Enough The Telephone RingsManzur6.82
155Knockabout WorldTobias6.81
156This Is Not Your CountryWhyte6.80
157Forgive SomeoneTobias6.74
158The Public ImageBoorer6.73
159Neal Cassady Drops DeadManzur6.71
160Black-Eyed SusanWhyte6.70
161He CriedWhyte6.69
162That's How People Grow UpBoorer6.64
You've Had HerBoorer6.64
Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?Manzur6.64
I'm Not A ManTobias6.64
166Heir ApparentWhyte6.63
167Pashernate LoveWhyte6.61
Happy Lovers At Last UnitedStreet6.61
169I Am Two PeopleWhyte6.59
Action Is My Middle NameBoorer6.59
171Dagenham DaveWhyte6.57
If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At MeTobias6.57
I'm OK By MyselfTobias6.57
Munich Air Disaster 1958Whyte6.57
175I Thought You Were DeadTobias6.55
176The Night Pop DroppedTobias6.54
177I'm Playing Easy To GetBoorer6.50
178Black CloudBoorer6.46
180Blue Dreamers EyesBoorer6.40
181Now I Am A WasCobrin6.39
182Tony The PonyNevin6.36
America Is Not The WorldWhyte6.36
Brow Of My BelovedBoorer6.36
185Roy's KeenWhyte6.35
Striptease With A DifferenceLanger6.35
187Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's VoiceWhyte6.34
189Smiler With KnifeTobias6.29
You Were Good In Your TimeWhyte6.29
192By The Time I Get To Wherever I’m Goingunknown6.28
193Please Help The Cause Against LonelinessStreet6.27
194Never Again Will I Be A TwinLopez6.26
195Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The StageBoorer6.23
The Slum MumsBoorer6.23
197I Just Want To See The Boy HappyTobias6.22
198World Peace Is None Of Your BusinessBoorer6.21
199Ambitious OutsidersWhyte6.20
200If Saturday Ever ComesLopez6.14
201There Speaks A True FriendWhyte6.13
When You Open Your LegsTobias6.13
203On The Streets I RanTobias6.10
205I Knew I Was NextTobias6.07
207Sorry Doesn't HelpTobias6.05
208Asian RutNevin6.03
209Fantastic BirdWhyte5.99
210Earth Is The Loneliest PlanetManzur5.96
211Get Off The StageRourke5.94
At Last I Am BornFarrell5.94
Treat Me Like A Human BeingStreet5.94
214Found Found FoundLanger5.90
215This Song Doesn't End When It's OverBoorer5.89
216The Secret Of MusicLopez5.88
217Children In PiecesTobias5.84
I Am Not A Dog On A ChainTobias5.84
219Safe, Warm Lancashire HomeStreet5.78
Born To HangNevin5.78
221Papa JackWhyte5.76
222Kiss Me A LotTobias5.74
223I Couldn't Understand Why People LaughedBoorer5.73
224The Harsh Truth Of The Camera EyeNevin5.68
225Because Of My Poor EducationWhyte5.67
226The Girl From Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn't KneelManzur5.50
227Lover To BeBoorer5.47
Who Will Protect Us From The Police?Boorer5.47
229Kick The Bride Down The AisleTobias5.46
230Oh PhoneyArmstrong5.43
231Noise Is The Best RevengeBoorer5.33
232I Bury The LivingTobias5.26
233In Your LapManzur5.20
The Truth About RuthManzur5.20
235All The Young People Must Fall In LoveBoorer5.16
236Sorrow Will Come In The EndWhyte5.00
237People Are The Same EverywhereTobias4.91
Journalists Who LieStreet4.91
239Once Upon A Woman's BodyTobias4.65
240The Kid's A LookerBoorer4.59
241Kerouac's CrackTobias4.41
242You Don't Need Their ApprovalTobias4.02
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Only three songs from my personal Morrissey Top 10 are in our top 10 .
But I think the diversity of tastes shows how many great songs different composers have given to our Moz.
Good work Mozmar! Maybe more time should have been given in order to gather more votes, but good work anyway. All this shows how great Moz catalogue is. That said, I am always shocked to see so much love for minor stuff just for nostalgic reasons (sorry but that's pretty clear), and more recent very good songs so underrated.
Here's another interesting data graphic in relation to main co-writers:

main co-writer scores.JPG
In relation to the above, if we then add in ALL co-writers, then we have this:

all co-writer scores.JPG
Good work Mozmar! Maybe more time should have been given in order to gather more votes, but good work anyway. All this shows how great Moz catalogue is. That said, I am always shocked to see so much love for minor stuff just for nostalgic reasons (sorry but that's pretty clear), and more recent very good songs so underrated.
No, I don't agree that more time = more votes; each co-write had 4 days, and, on average (shown by the red line), attracted 33 voters, thereby providing a decent sample size; a bigger sample size doesn't guarantee different results. This is more or less borne out when these recent scores are compared to those from 2014, there's not much difference in all honesty. Here's a data graphic showing voters/co-write:


*(Other: Armstrong/Cobrin/Farrell/Langer/Rourke/WSK)
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Good work Mozmar! Maybe more time should have been given in order to gather more votes, but good work anyway. All this shows how great Moz catalogue is. That said, I am always shocked to see so much love for minor stuff just for nostalgic reasons (sorry but that's pretty clear), and more recent very good songs so underrated.

Yeah, people are scoring for all different reasons. Which unfortunately, makes these polls moot.
Does this illustrate that Morrissey’s talent is declining as he ages or that his more recent collaborators aren’t as talented as his earlier collaborators? Or both? I dunno.
I'm not sure it illustrates either of those things.
Remember it's us (fans) voting; @skull may have hit the nail firmly on the head, however...
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