Fifteen minutes with...Stephen Street - Julie Hamill

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By Uncleskinny on Dec 24, 2012 at 8:21 PM
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    1. Anonymous
      Glad to see he and Morrissey have patched it up.
    2. Anonymous
      Electric Warrior wasn't a single (or a song).
      Another good interview, thanks for posting :thumb:
    4. Anonymous

      I got viva hate in 1988 and it was on cassette and it changed the face of music for me and many people.

      Coming so close after the premature and sudden end of the greatest band (ever in my lifetime) after the end of The Smiths, even if it's release was brought forward by the hounds at EMI, the release of viva hate did still mark an amazing transformation. It showed that Morrissey. was world class. Forget Street. Morrissey really stood up and released something that no one could have thought possible, whilst the other members of the old band, just took one look at EMI. and ran away, basically. That's the truth. That was a big contract and the others did nothing.

      Quite funny that - today of all days - viva hate was finished just before Xmas eve 1987.

      Viva Hate is good but YATQ then ROTT and then YOR. are much better written and produced. Visconti did a fantastic job in Rome. I think he holds the key to the future sound. As the band just record so well with his style and Boz's talent and Morrissey's genius.

      But back in 1988, viva hate was one cassette that helped to reform indie pop music forever. And Morrissey - as we all know - has moved on to bigger and better things. Whilst the former members of the Smiths, good as they were individually some 20years ago, have contributed nothing of note to the musical world since 1987.

      Merry Xmas to you all

    5. Skylarker
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    6. gonzax
      great interview, thanks a lot for the link, I really enjoyed that.
    7. Anonymous
      About a fortnight ago Street decided to go public on his views on Morrissey, in relation to his comments regarding the suicide of the nurse who dealt with that phone hoax. I don't think that Morrissey will be rushing back with open arms somehow?
    8. Fan
      Morrissey has yet to realize how sorry he has become--musically and creatively speaking.
    9. billybu69
      Julie does a great job with these interviews. How does she manage to get them all to agree?
    10. Anonymous
      It was an album.

      Jukebox Jury
    11. Anonymous
      Moz will never work with Street again as he dares to express his own opinions in public, (ie:as the craziness of Moz cutting Ordinary Boys from the reissue, or editing Maudlin Street). He only works with 'yes' men, or people like Boz who are sensible enough not to offer any opinion on anything in public.
    12. celibate
      from ELO?

      can't find anything related to Morrissey, or the Viva Hate recording in Bath

      [nice part in Sandy Shaw's bio, she was a few they's there and Maudlin street seems to
      be recorded [voice] in 1 take,Sandy says everyone was so moved by Morrissey's singin, it brought tears
      by some around, it was late night indeed]

      festive greetings to you and for your loved ones
    13. Anonymous
      Wool Hall, that's in Bath.
    14. Anonymous
      Ah, didn't see that. To be honest, I didn't know Stephen Street used Twitter. Well, that settles that, they quite likely won't be grabbing brunch in the near future, but what Street said is, IMO, more sensible than anything that's come out of Morrissey in the past year.
    15. Anonymous
      Another couple of fantastic interviews! Thanks Julie!

      Funny enough i've had Alsatian Cousin on repeat for the last week - why isn't this song more widely regarded?
    16. celibate

      I answered about a suposed album electric warrior, which I thought J J was about another band or so

      [Wool Hall]

      yeah, and?

      would you try to say Morrissey recorded Viva Hate not in Bath?

      the studio changed from owners so...

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    17. Anonymous
      I think I misread your post. In fact, I know I did ;-)
    18. Anonymous
      Well done - you are officially the world's most deluded person. 21st century Morrissey has seen the odd decent song buried among acres of dreary filler.
      His 'new' songs are possibly his worst ever - no wonder no record company has bothered to make a serious offer. As for moving on to bigger and better things - recently he has completely dropped the new songs from the set-list and replaced them with more Smiths songs than ever. Says it all.
    19. Emotional Guide Dog
      Emotional Guide Dog
      The older Stephen Street gets, the more he looks like The Stig.

      I think he needs to hire that white Mercedes van, kidnap the four members of Blur & not let them go til they've made a new album.

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