Fifteen minutes with...Spencer Cobrin - Julie Hamill

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By Uncleskinny on Dec 26, 2012 at 7:43 PM
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    1. Media Whore
      Media Whore
      The problem with all of Julie's interviews is that all she really wants to do is interview Morrissey.

      "What does Morrissey eat?"
      "What is Morrissey like?"
      "Did you socialise with Morrissey?"
      "If you could say something to Morrissey, what would you say?"
      "Morrissey said this about you, isn't that amazing?"
      "My mum says that Morrissey....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

      I can't help but wonder where this will all end. Interviewing his first grade teacher? Speaking to someone who once caught the back of his head in Sainsburys?
    2. Uncleskinny
      Why don't you go and do a better job then? At least she gave it a go, and you want to moan about it.

    3. Media Whore
      Media Whore
      Well done Skinny, instead of addressing my points just present an ad hominem attack instead.

      Good job.

    4. Amy
      Who doesn't? I can't imagine anyone being desperate to read the fascinating backstory of Spencer or Mark Nevin's solo endeavours - they're minor players in the Morrissey story and that's the primary reason they'd ever be interviewed. Without Morrissey, most of the people Julie has interviewed are complete unknowns. Hell, even Johnny Marr is only interviewed these days so that people can get him to talk about 'the old days'. What did you expect?
    5. Uncleskinny
      I read your post, inwardly digested the points, and decided they were not worth replying to. Sorry to disappoint you. If you wanted more attention you should have said so.

    6. 123xyz
      I really enjoy Julie Hamill's work in these interviews. Obviously keen , but doesn't gush or froth at the mouth and keeps it about the interviewee rather than herself
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    7. Skylarker
      You said it perfectly. It must seem very condescending to the interviewees.

      Having said that, the interviews are always worth reading.
    8. Anonymous
      J: Do you listen to the music that Morrissey makes now?

      S: Not really, it doesn’t inspire or fill me with emotion of any kind; as opposed to older material which gets the adrenaline going.

      Amen, Spencer. Amen to that.
    9. Tibby
      I thought it was a very nice,sweet interview.I think it was pretty interesting to read about Spencer`s background.Plus "Lost" is one of the best Morrissey songs in my humble opinion.It`s so beautiful.
    10. Anonymous
      Nice, but a bit of a wasted opportunity in some respects. Why didn't she ask him about Moz's other comments about Spencer in the Southpaw re-issue, or the infamous 'Your loss, Jew boy' fax incident?
    11. celibate
      some photographs are too hot

      Spencer was the first of the lads to leave

      and he stole our hearts away
    12. Librarian On Fire
      Librarian On Fire
      Interesting little interview. Thanks Julie. I get the impression that Spencer has really put his time with Morrissey well and truly behind him. He won't be the kind of guy to live off his former glory of being in the band. I also felt that Spencer was being very guarded with his answers and his talking about his time in the band. There's a lot hidden away that only he and the band will know about and not willing to share.
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    13. Uncleskinny
      I am sure this is very true. He comes across as a really nice balanced guy. To me, in any case.

    14. 2-J
      I love Spencer's drumming, my fave Moz drummer of all, including The Smiths!

      Thanks you Julie for the interview.

      Yes I do agree there were a few things left out that could have been included, not only the rumoured 'Jew Boy' fax, but also the intimate private photoshoot that Spencer and Morrissey did with one another, for Moz's eyes only?? Pretty sure he himself confirmed that one, taking it beyond mere rumour status.

      Anyway despite that, nice read :)
    15. Dagenhame Dave
      Dagenhame Dave
      Stand up guy, that Spencer. Seems like he has a good head on his shoulders and I would hang with him, as long as he doesn't wear that Ramones jean jacket without the sleeves.
    16. Dagenhame Dave
      Dagenhame Dave
      Spencer befriended me on Facebook. Now I have 7 friends. Thanks Spence.
    17. Anonymous
      what happened between Spencer and Morrissey? Why did Spencer leave the band?
    18. Emotional Guide Dog
      Emotional Guide Dog
      What is it with Morrissey & drummers?

      That's two now that played in his band then binned the sticks completely shortly afterwards?
    19. Anonymous
      That certainly MUST allow us to draw a conclusion about his personality!

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