Fifteen minutes with Mikey Farrell - Julie Hamill

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By Uncleskinny on Jun 25, 2014 at 5:01 PM
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    1. mozmal
      Yep, another excellent interview and read. One day she'll get Moz.
    2. billybu69
    3. cberlin
      Dear Mikey V,

      Please send that alternate version of “Sweetie Pie” to Morrissey, so that it can perhaps see an official release. The B-side could be “Kevin Is My Middle Name”.

      Thank you for all your past, current and future (!) contributions to Morrissey’s back catalogue. As he once said, you are “a man of many talents”, and indeed, you’re a bona fide cool cat (a minority, that is).

      Embracing you through the ether as I raise my glass to broken X-mas ornaments that bind,

      The Fourth Person
    4. Kewpie
    5. marred
      You can see more of Farrell's great work on American Idol...
    6. joe frady
      joe frady
      Top bloke. And nice to know that Moz doesn't fall out irrevocably with every former band mate.

      But, no, for me the Eno/Brontë mash-up version of 'Sweetie-Pie' is still the best. Sometimes leftovers can be fine dining.
    7. Tbevie
      Possible my favourite interview yet. Very interesting. He sounds like a great guy. And it's nice to hear that he and Moz are still good friends.
    8. cberlin
      Thanks for the tip, but I don’t watch shows like “American Idol”. I rated Mikey’s performance in the context of his work with Morrissey, which I am familiar with and happen to like quite a bit, and to which I believe this thread should be dedicated rather segueing into the evaluation of his other professional endeavors, be they "great" or not so.
    9. modrevolve
      Fantastic read..thanks of the heads up Uncle Skinny..for whatever reason, Mikey was always my favorite part of the band..the man was just so talented.
    10. Anonymous
      I need to hear Moz do an Irish accent.
    11. MozIsGod
      Certainly would have been interesting if Mikey could have addressed the Alain Whyte situation involving the band prior to the Refusal sessions, had he been aksed, but nonetheless it was a really great read.
    12. Jamie
      Great work, Julie - the musician editions are always a treat. He has worked with such eclectic personalities. These interviews, to me, are better than music journal interviews.

      Roll on, Gary, Boz, Alain...!
    13. fredkocherpepsi
      That was a great read! Thank you.
    14. No1uno
      I like that, first I'm a husband and father.
    15. King Leer
      King Leer
      These interviews are always a great pleasure. Julie puts most "music journalists" to shame.
      Hoping for future interviews with Alain, Boz, Gary, Jesse, Matt, Solomon.
      Publish it all as a book -- I'll buy it!
    16. Loretta Swit
      Loretta Swit
      I'm not really a big fan of these interviews, but this one was good.
      I'm just dying to know who among them was the ornament breaker! :popcorn:
    17. eugenius
      Another great interview from Julie--they keep getting better.

      Lots of momentum behind her. Hopefully with these positive results, she'll get more one-on-one time with subjects even deeper in the Morrissey circle.
    18. marred
      Sounds like a great guy.

      The fullness they refer to re Ringleader didn't come across in the production. Every time I listen to that album the vocals sound great but all the music sounds like it is coming from another room... with the door closed.

      I prefer the official mix of Sweetie Pie.
    19. Viva Mozza
      Viva Mozza
      Just another great interview by Julie - a good read of a nice bloke.

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