Fifteen minutes with Grant Showbiz - Smiths sound engineer and producer of Rank - Julie Hamill

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By Uncleskinny on May 15, 2013 at 8:28 AM
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    1. Librarian On Fire
      Librarian On Fire
      Another nice interview with Julie. She's really getting to meet as many people as possible from The Smiths days. Showbiz has really lived life to the full. One of those people who make every minute count.

      I'd like to volunteer to archive Showbiz's collection. What other Smiths treasures lurk there that even Showbiz has forgotten about? It would be nice to see some of what can be released made available. Perhaps in time and with some help.
    2. Kewpie
      Thank you very much Uncleskinny and Julie, really wonderful interview.

      Sorry Librarian, I know where he lives and has his phone number.

      I need to get in touch with Grant through Kazuko. :)
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    3. mcrickson
      Does anyone else think that the only time Julie could conduct one of these interviews and it WOULDN'T come off as lighthearted, personable, and informative would be if she ever actually interviewed Morrissey? I come away thinking that every time I read these.
    4. Anonymous
      This happens every time? Have you imagined the questions she would ask Morrissey? Would the interview turn at some point or would it start out bad? Maybe you should write a play about it.
    5. mcrickson
    6. celibate
      Grant Showbiz could write a grat book about the Smiths, his video tapes
      are pure magic, and should be capt secure in the London Tower, with the Royals Jewels,
      amazing peces of Smithstory

      I thought he was on Johnny's side, in some magazines who where totally about the Smiths,
      he had said something about Morrissey's person, but if I read now, Times do change,
      and he's in this interview positive about everything. Lucky to had the oportunity.

      If he has a dozen of the Smiths those polo's as shown in the article, well Showbiz
      I'm happy to get rid one of you, and pay for it, lovely white polo with a short and little written ' the Smiths
      and that green sorta Irish symbol, dunno the real word in Emglish, biut it's beautifull, so as Grant's an Julie's

      really interesting but take the time to read it all,, thanks Grant and Julie, it was a great read with footages and all
    7. SomeTotallyRandomMozFan
    8. Girlmostlikely
      I thought this was a great interview. I've enjoyed all of Julie's interviews, there is something unique about her style.

      It must have been so cool for Julie to be in the same room as all that Smiths memorabilia.

      I wonder if she ever tried to get an interview with Morrissey. He really should grant her one know, she's certainly earned it. He wouldn't have to worry about her doing a hatchet job on him; it would be favorable, certainly. It could actually be the best Morrissey interview ever!
    9. Anonymous
      Excellent interview, felt like I was in the room.
    10. Bluebirds
      Wow what a interesting guy and what an interview! Fantastic stuff. I hope Mr Showbiz is doing the sound for The Fall's tour. And their new album does sound very good.

      Thanks Julie.
    11. DavidA
      Great interview.
    12. Anonymous
      I wonder if he can legally release his tapes? I wonder why Johnny didn't use them (or the rest of Rank for that matter) on Complete.
    13. gonzax
      another great interview, I love it and Grant always looked like a really stand-up guy.
    14. Anonymous

      Look, Julie's recent interviews might be very interesting to many (many) people - and maybe - but the best interview in the early years was with Nick Kent. Period.

      "I suppose you have work tomorrow? That's quite sad, really " oh yes,

    15. Anonymous
    16. Guernie
      I never realized Showbiz was with Ths Smths for such a long time. The tales he could spin ! Celibate is correct, he should write a book but not just on The Smiths but the other groups he has worked for. IS there any other two front men as unique to work with as Moz and Mark E. Smith . Grant is such a lucky guy.

      Bluebirds, I like your way of thinking in saying The Falls latest album (ReMit) is one of their better ones . I LOVE IT. Why o why doesn't Moz go with a small label like The Fall to get music out to the fans . It doen't make you look weak Moz just that you are giving something back to the people that made you. Go have beer with Mark E. Smith and he will clue you in.

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