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Hello everyone. Short time member here, but I do lurk well within the shadows of this messageboard. I am going through a tough time in life, I have been for a few years now. I am depressed a lot but appear to my friends as such a confident and happy guy. Today though, after a night out and a typical How Soon Is Now moment, I confronted a friend of mine with tears of truth. Now I have also talked online to another very close friend and have let them know of my depression. I do not know where this comes from but my mother and grandmother both suffer. Some shit has happened in my life, but others have obviously experienced worse. I just wanted to know that the best advice is from people on here, Morrissey provided solace, yet I yearn for more...:blushing:


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Hi stephen, :rolleyes:
His depression only demonstrates that you have sensibility regarding life, but you feel a great pain and it is not good for you, moments which could go away when we decide to change and to have patience regarding what cannot change


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Depression is a medical condition. You have been thru some shit, but saying
'others have been thru worse' sounds like you're wondering 'they've been thru worse, what's wrong with me?'. It's not always about that. Depression is serious, do not listen
to anyone who tells you to 'snap out of it' or any advise like that. Make an appointment
to see a therapist and see what happens.
Have your mom or grandmother been able to find any help?
I hope you will soon be feeling better.
It's good that you have been able to tell your friends how you feel.
Like Snowy says, talking with a Councellor or therapist can really help too.
All the best..:)


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I hope you start to feel better soon Stephen, you really need to speak to your local doctor who has probably dealt with people with depression for numberous years and you can explain the family link too. You are not on your own with this problem(feelings).
I'm sure he will assess and advise you on medication (it may be short term and you be monitored)
take care x


Yeah definitely make that first step and see your GP, ask for a referral, maybe you need CBT or some other form of treatment. The waiting lists can be long so the sooner you do it the better :)
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