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so what is everyones favourite tour , i have done all the uk morrissey ones (not every date) but enough to get a feel of what has been good or great

for me it has to be the boxers tour in 95 , i thought it was an amazing tour and the performances for me were spot on , i was also yong enough to get on the stage

i also enjoyed kill uncle but looking back i think that was the joy of seeing morrissey for the first time

the first dates on the YATQ tour , the small venue ones were also great

i think morrissey is so much better suited to smaller venues rather than the huge aircraft hangers venues like the secc, wembley and earls court . altough he did play well in the larger manchester venues , mind you i think thats just because its manchester


Due to misfortunes I was unable to see any gigs between 1992-1997. :(
Huge relief to see a gig 10th Decenber 1997 Battersea Power Station.
Since then luckily managed to not miss tours in UK.

My favourite is November 2002 at Brixton Academy because it's my birthday. :)


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Of those I've seen I guess it can only be the MMVI tour since I missed him back in '04 (it was a festival gig so it don't matter that much).


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Of the years I've seen Moz....a few times in 1997, 1998, 2000, 2004 and 2007....my favorite tour by far was the most recent 'Greatest Hits' tour. :D Great songs, great shows, great band, great voice...great times! :)


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I saw him on Oye Esteban Y2K, Pre-Quarry, Quarry, and Greatest Hits...and, surprise, they're tied as favorite.

Best shows:

Red Bank, NJ in Feb 2000. My first Moz show at the tender age of 17, got on-stage, handshakes, the setlist was brilliant. When he sang "...every jammy Jersey poet" in "Now My Heart Is Full", well, mine really was. There was some wonderful absurd comedy involving a roll of toilet paper he tossed into the crowd...and then asked to have back because he might need it later. I'm pleased that when I first saw him is around the time he started being totally hilarious on stage.

Final night of pre-Quarry Apollo Theater shows. First time I ever heard "Let Me Kiss You", live debut of "Rubber Ring", shocked & awed by "Headmaster Ritual" and "There Is A Light".

First night of Hammerstein on Greatest Hits. Y'all have heard the bootleg, enough said. From "Climb upon my knee New York City!" to getting a big piece of shirt during "HSIN?" an utterly ecstatic experience. "Why Don't You Find Out" followed directly by "Stretch Out & Wait" nearly killed me! The falsetto in "Last Night I Dreamt" may be my #1 moz moment ever, even better than meeting him at the Virgin signing in 2000.
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Oye Esteban - if simply for the excellent set lists during that tour. Hearing songs like "Now My Heart Is Full," "Hairdresser On Fire," and "Break Up The Family" was wonderful - and I had such a great gang to hang out with at those shows too: Xtine, Jo Solders, Mel. Great times, great shows.

As far as looks are concerned, I'd have to go back to The Queen Is Dead tour - the first time I saw Mozzer live. Oh, the way he used to dance back in those days - all hip-swinging fey gorgeousness! Weren't you there? You'd have DIED!


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His 1991 Kill Uncle and/or the 3rd leg of his 1997 Greatest Hits. Nothing compares to the first time I saw him *twas magical* but I loved the new stuff, B sides and Smiths songs his last couple go'rounds.


Saw Morrissey in 91, 97 and 07.

The 07 tour was nice as there was a wide array of career material and I finally was able to see some Smiths songs live.
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