Favourite Sam E. Rayner concerts

T. H. Auden

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These are semi-official concert videos that I think we should be very grateful to have. The last really official video release was 25Live (2013), at a time he was pretty sick, but still appeared live very well.
These are the ones released on Sam E. Rayners YT-profile. Just a few of them are completely full concerts, think, the others have been cut (maybe to preserve battery on his iPhone). Most of them appears to have sound directly from the soundboard, unless any audiophiles here can tell me otherwise. Which one of them is your favourite? Maybe I will make a poll later, but I don't think I will provide links for every video.

Live in London 03.2020 (audio only) (89m20s) - released 14.02.2022
Live in Birmingham 27.02.2018 (74m56s) - released 22.05.2021
Calgary 11.10.2019 (95m6s) - released 29.11.2019
Leeds 24.02.2018 (62m34s) - released 22.10.2018
Live Santa Barbara 05.11.2016 (76m35s) - released 06.01.2018
Manchester Arena 20.08.16 (69m46s) - released 08. sep. 2016
Live Hammersmith ("Morrissey's final concert in The UK") 21.09.15 (68m3s) - released 27.09.2015
FYF Los Angeles 23.08.2015 (60m30s) - released 22.09.2015
Live at Madison Square Garden 27.06.2015 (59m56s) - released 20.07.2015
Live at Fox Theatre Visalia, CA 29.08.2015 (59m49s) - released 14.09.2015

Famous when dead

Probably the best in terms of audio is Calgary - which was filmed / soundboarded by the venue (and not messed with) and then hosted by SER.

Static link.

This is the version I made & chopped of said gig.
It must have impressed someone as they lifted my poor attempt at art and my exact rip/track lengths and made a bootleg double CD of it.
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Raphael Lambach

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haha. And what do we call his attempts at cover art?
My gosh, I don't know to describe it.
He's a good photographer - very technical and nothing more - but he could stop being silly.

As bootleg, I like he posts the concerts but it's not seriously recorded.
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