Favorite song off 'World Peace Is None Of Your Business'?

Favorite song off 'World Peace Is None Of Your Business'?

  • World Peace Is None Of Your Business

    Votes: 6 4.6%
  • Neal Cassady Drops Dead

    Votes: 10 7.7%
  • I'm Not A Man

    Votes: 9 6.9%
  • Istanbul

    Votes: 13 10.0%
  • Earth Is The Loneliest Planet

    Votes: 1 0.8%
  • Staircase At The University

    Votes: 37 28.5%
  • The Bullfighter Dies

    Votes: 1 0.8%
  • Kiss Me A Lot

    Votes: 16 12.3%
  • Smiler With Knife

    Votes: 7 5.4%
  • Kick The Bride Down The Aisle

    Votes: 10 7.7%
  • Mountjoy

    Votes: 14 10.8%
  • Oboe Concerto

    Votes: 6 4.6%

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I like that the favorite tracks people seem to be listing (here and elsewhere) aren’t even the ones that are already available.


Teenage Lightning
Right now it's "Neal Cassady Drops Dead" but tomorrow I'm sure I'll have a different answer. There are so many great songs here...


My secret's my enzyme.


I haven't heard it yet but what is "Forgive Someone" like?


If he's not actually ill, he needs to get out there and promote his masterpiece!


On first listen, Kiss Me A Lot. Not really gripped by any of the lyrics though, save Istanbul.

Old Mathew

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Holy Smokes! First listen. Love "I'm Not a Man." (Don't worry, I preordered on Itunes and will still buy it.)



Cracked out a beer to celebrate - watching it download (whether it be something useful or useless we shall see).

I am internally orgasming right now.

Don't worry gang, of course I will be buying the CD, even if it was a pile of something or other.

Gotta a feeling it's gonna be greeeeeeeaaaat.


Would anyone be kind enough to post a few snippets of the yet unheard by most of us songs?


It's a shame it escaped before it "dropped" as the kids say, but that's life. The whole impact of a recording is weakened by leaks, but it's nobody's fault but Harvest and those within Morrissey's camp who should know better by now.

I'd have loved to see Harvest make the effort and take up some of the ideas that were brainstormed, like launch parties in record shops at midnight, old school style, with hints and rumours of Morrissey turning up. Actually, some wag suggested he did turn up at various places during the release night and take #Selfies outside each shop before scarpering off. But it's not to be as he's.......

I hope there's a will at Harvest to do the Plant/Krauss 'Raising Sand' long-haul effort on this project, mixing word of mouth with some smart marketing moves, but I doubt it after all that's unfolded. It's such a wonderful collection of songs and even AIMMN, KAL & AIMMN will sound great with the new soundscape come Record Store Day 2015. Or it will be nixed if the album isn't a huge success. I'd still love a Joe Chiccarelli Director's Cut of salient tracks from the past solo catalogue alongside a punk-rockabilly 24 hour Sun Sessions version of Kill Uncle, but that's probably impossible with the rights/royalty stuff. All that past stuff is just a business now, after all, hardly the rebel Outsider music of the new tranche of songs. Of course, they're business as well, being on Harvest, but it's still an enormous relief to watch Morrissey's Mojo return, despite the health issues of late.

One imagines a barrage of UK/Irish dates will follow to re-establish match fitness for the touring slog around the world next year. Whoever thought traipsing around America was the best way to launch this needs their head examined, though I guess tour finances dictated the straw that broke the camel's back stuff.

So, enjoy it as and when you hear it. I admire those who are waiting till the official release date. It's been leaking around the cognoscenti West London dinner party set for a while now and it's a real sign of Harvest not being on top of things. Or sabotage within the ranks. Oh, well. Anger is not a policy and "we are where we are". I'm really looking forward to seeing this set of songs gradually osmose into popular consciousness and not just in the usual suspect countries of the USuk. I really think this could launch Morrissey into global stardom if it's handled well. Sadly, that's maybe optimistic.

Wishing "Morrissey" every possible good luck as he plans the next episode in this *fascinating* autumnal musical adventure.

With every good wish
Yours, in Jubilo

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