Favorite Morrissey songs to sing along to.

alma matters

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Roy's Keen
National Front Disco
I know it's gonna happen someday
hairdresser on fire
it's hard to feel tall when you're small
alma matters
we hate it when our friends become successful
everyday is like sunday


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I know it's an obvious answer, but Sing Your Life does it for me.
So does Sister I'm a Poet and strangely At Last I am Born.

I agree with Born. I find myself singing that when I wake up in a good mood. I wish that was more often haah.


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Hairdresser on Fire, Boxers, Certain People I Know, The Girl Least Likely To

YES! The Girl Least Likely To!! How could I forget that one. Tho an easier one to sing sober than after a few drinks... lots of lyrics -which I LOVE and 'miss'. Hello Morrissey :) Roy's Keen is a great one too, gang.
If I'm in a singing mode, then whatever I put on, I sing gruesomely along.

What worries me more, however, is the song that I catch myself singing/hearing in my head - That's how people grow up. I neither like it much nor listen to it frequently (hardly at all), but it's the first song that pops up. Almost on the daily basis. On the other hand, songs that I like less use to stick with me, so there must be some inbuilt revenge mechanism in them.


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Rusholme Ruffians

I've always loved this song and dreamed of giving Morrissey a falsetto break on stage and doing the "lo da deeeyay" part for him. :rolleyes:

It's just such a catchy little number!


Did i sing in tune?
as amy said TROUBLE LOVES ME!!! and strangely King leer!

"...you didn't even thank me, because you never do!"

and i also love that part "...to dial..." with a disdain...

and just for today at amber, my invalid friend.

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Apparently I'm fond of singing in my sleep...

I woke up singing (quite badly I imagine)...

the song in question was Christian Dior.

Yes I'm older now and I'm a clever swine but I can embarrass myself!


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Jack The Ripper is a great live sing-a-long.

Please x3 was amazing at the Palladium on the 13th since he sang the entire song directly in front of me 2 feet away
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