Favorite Morrissey single

Can't decide on one right now, but I'll answer you:
Single Cover Art: Everyday is Like Sunday (classy) and We Hate it When Our Friends Become Successful (like out of a James Dean film).
Actual single (Song): My Love Life, Hold on To Your Friends, and Sunny.
B Sides: Hairdresser on Fire, Sisterama, Such a Little Thing Makes Such a Big Difference, I'd Love To, and Lost.
Nostalgic meaning: Suedehead and The Last of the Famous International Playboys.

Vic - all your sentiments are awesome here - you just took me back on a nostalgic journey reminiscing on all your choices - thank you !
Single cover art: CD2 of "You Have Killed Me" - that shot of him checking his wristwatch whilst lying on the traintracks is just superb imo.

Actual single (song): toughie - it's a toss-up for me between "The Boy Racer", which I just really love (can't explain why - just such driving energy I think, pardon the pun) and "First of the Gang to Die" - I just think that track is superb.

B-sides: for its flip-side, no single pleases me more than "My Love Life" - the echo mix of "...Changed My Plea..." and the KROQ version of "There Is a Place..." swing it for me. As an entire package, that 12" is just ten dogs' bollocks: he looks coy and handsome on the front, at the peak of his performative powers on the Kill Uncle tour; there are three distinct Morrissey moods over three distinct tracks (melancholic longing, pained reflection and wry, dry pessimism); Chrissie Hynde makes an appearance; Linder took the photographs; and to top it all off, the cover has a neat nod to those old homaging Smiths sleeves with Edith Sitwell's portrait on the tour pass.

So in sum: "My Love Life" - 12".
In pieces: the rest.
Suedehead because...

I know very well how I got my name.

Heartbreaking and beautiful.

You think you were my first love
You think you were my first love, but you're wrong
You were the only one
Who's come and gone
im a lady, where is it?!

You're a lady of great taste (ya did start the Nomi thread afterall) but questionable googlin' ability.
Hey, it's ok, I can do the google...

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Heartbreaking and beautiful.

You think you were my first love
You think you were my first love, but you're wrong
You were the only one
Who's come and gone
Those lyrics break my heart every time. Makes me think of just how traumatic the split must have been, and how deep the feelings. No wonder he took so long to get it out of his system.
What is your favorite all time Moz single?
If you’d like to participate, I’d hope we could
consider a few things before giving our final answer:
Single Cover Art
Actual single (Song)
B Sides
Nostalgic meaning

This a tough one for me as there are so many wonderful singles to choose from...

Good question(s)
Cover Art: You Have Killed Me
Actual Single: Now My Heart Is Full
B Side: Jack the Ripper
Nostalgic: Everyday Is Like Sunday

(I'm boring as hell)
The first six singles were brilliant. I loved getting three new songs every four to five months, and they just got better and better with the possible exception of Ouija Board. But what an interesting time it was: Playboys --> Drug --> Ouija --> November. The music was incredible, and you never knew what was coming next, and whatever it was was always a complete surprise.

That said, Boxers is a strong contender. There is something so consistent about the production and feel of those three songs -- like a mini EP, and a continuation of Vauxhall and I.

But I'd probably concur that the Everyday 12" was the masterpiece, especially with the full version of Will Never Marry.

Favorite cover: Interesting Drug.
roy's keen
sca: ++
as: ++
bs: ++
nm: n/a
But Roy Keane at Man United hated the single and swore at me when driving off in his Range Rover when I flashed it after training. It was clear he knew the meaning of the single and what inspired it but he probably viewed Moz as a poof.
My favorite Morrissey single is "I Have Forgiven Jesus", bolstered by the rendition of "No One Can Hold A Candle To You". This is especially my feeling because I loved Morrissey's performance of "I Have Forgiven Jesus" on the Craig Kilborn show.
Adding to the excitement was that Morrissey had been AWOL for years before the triumphant return. My emotions at the time were almost too much for me to handle.

Runners-up: "Everyday Is Like Sunday" and "Boxers". But Morrissey's best songs have generally not been singles, so......
(Morrissey's best solo song is "Life Is A Pigsty", of course.)

1. We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful
2. Suedehead (Live)
3. I've Changed My Plea To Guilty (Live)
4. Pregnant For The Last Time (Live)
5. Alsatian Cousin (Live)

This is the first one that comes to mind but also the one that had a live version of "Sweet and Tender Hooligan." I think that one also has "London" live? Sorry I had it on cassette a long time ago and I don't know which one it is anymore.
The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get

Simply for the stunning B side track "I'd love to"

I also rate the cover art for hold onto your friends.
The early ones are the obvious picks, so I would like to cast a spotlight on CD#2 of Irish Blood, English Heart: a great comeback single and two excellent b-sides. It's sad that the art of the single has now officially died, because I for one can't take this current series of 7-inch vinyls with live b-side covers seriously.
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