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What are your favorite beers?

Mine are Beck's Light and Dark. And WheNEVER in Dublin I like a good pint of Guinness on tap.

If you don't like beer, why not?

Oh my god. it's Robby!

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not really a beer drinker until I lived in Georgia, where I drank a lot of

& in my effort to stay away from hard alcohol :squiffy:
I have been occassionally buying some:

since getting back here :thumb:
now I am wondering what beer I will drink in China :confused:


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Modelo, Blue Moon, Stone IPA, T-Minus (Tecate Light), Fat Tire, Bud Platinum not bad.

Guinness when they do it right, Whatever Blonde Ale they feature, Bud Light.


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Staropramen (bottled not draught) available at wetherspoons and on offer at Tescos (3 x 660ml bottles for a fiver) an absolute quality beer.


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I'm quite a beer fan myself, particularly love craft beer, but if I'm in a normal aul pub without craft options, despite being a Dubliner, I love a good aul Beamish! Much nicer than Guinness. Even the logo is nicer:

Even though so many deride American beers, I think they're jaundiced by the awful macro lagers that come from there. They have some great session beers, like Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada, but two of my favourite beers altogether are American - Odell Brewery's IPA and Brooklyn Brewery's East India Pale Ale:

Best Irish beer by far is the Franciscan Well Brewery's Shandon Century Stout:

But my absolute favourite beer is Scottish Brewery, Brew Dog's 5am Saint amber ale:


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