Favorite and least favorite Morrissey or Smiths Video?


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I was recently (in the past few months) rewatching "Oye Esteban", "Hulmerist" and "The Complete Picture" with my husband, who hadn't seen all of Morrissey's solo or The Smiths' older promo videos. I find it really hard to say which video is my favorite since I am so partial to anything Morrissey-related, but I'll pick two that I really love:

1) "Ouija Board"- although the song itself on the record isn't one my #1 fave , I do like it, and the video is just so cool to me! Moz's hair, glasses, the cinematography, the video's story line, etc... all are just a treat to watch.

2) "Stop Me..." I love the song,the Oscar Wilde poster, the traffic signs, and of course, the mini-Morrissey bike race.

Least favorite:

--"I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris".Not to add to "YOR" bashing, but I don't like the song (mostly the tired lyrics), and the video is boring, despite the addition of the pug, and the tamborine.

What are your favorite and least faves?

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They've used the same videoclip for "Stop Me..." as for "There is a light..." I saw the "There Is a Light..." one first and I loved it!
Seeing Mozz cycling followed by his look-a-likes. Mozz with his glasses :love:
I thought it went perfect with "There Is a Light..." so it's weird to see the video with another song.

I also really like the "Seaside Yet Still Docked" video. It's such a sad but beautiful video.

I think the videoclip of "My Love Life" is really boring.
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For me there's nothing above How Soon is Now, slightly clumsy as it may seem. The fifth essence of the '80s.
Then Everyday is like Sunday, a beautiful take on "the importance of being a Morrissey fan".
Stop Me/There is a Light, with its long gone "teenage bloke in his estate" atmosphere.
The ones with coherent retro imagery - I Have Forgiven Jesus (Richard Burton as a priest); My Love Life (fit for that particular melody); Seasick, Yet Still Docked (the darkest place is always underneath the lamp); Sing Your Life and its American answer, Glamorous Glue.
Dagenham Dave, funny and '90-ish.

Least favorites? Definitely Paris (I don't get the eyeshadow, the poses). From Years of Refusal, That's How People Grow Up is way better - lively and simple.


the how soon is now video is crap... the smiths didn't even like it, the label had some college kids put it out.

i thought the dagenham dave video was pretty dreadful too.. the song isn't all that great either and did not deserve to have a video.
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