Far Out: "The song Mark E. Smith used to insult Morrissey" (August 15, 2023)



"Though he may have existed within it, Mark E. Smith was more than forthcoming about his hatred for the music industry. He hated musicians, and throughout the years, he openly criticised a number of widely loved artists, including the likes of Pavement, Suede, LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, Kate Bush, and even his own bandmates. Smith’s consistently biting comments cemented his position as a much-loved outsider in the industry, both feared and adored in equal measure.

His sarcastic and often spiteful wit knew no bounds as he relentlessly took down those around him, one by one. Smith’s agitations even caused The Fall’s 1998 formation to disassemble in 1998, a time when an altercation onstage drove the band apart. Smith’s misanthropy stretched beyond his antics while performing and being interviewed and into the lyrics he penned. One of his many lyrical targets was, it would seem, the controversial former frontman of The Smiths, Morrissey."

Met Mark E Smith. He was a dick on par with meeting Nick Cave. Like racist Stevie. Talented pricks.
Racist? Bollocks. Our wee land flooded by parasites, the worst sort of cowards and criminals, disenfranchising us and our future generations, destroying our culture, our language(s), standards, our identity. Not everyone follows this traitorous government line like the covid hoaxed zombies, vaccinated with cancerous/harmful drugs, and want aliens flooding in. Our forefathers fought wars against the foreign invader, and the brain dead Benedict Arnolds - with their tiresome epitets of racist for anyone who has a mind of his/her own and doesn't want our nations to be swamped - let any shitface. Immigrant crime figures are worse every year, Tories may want cheap labour, but we don't need shite!

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