Far Out: "The Smiths arrive fully formed at their third ever show at The Hacienda, 1983"

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The Smiths arrive fully formed at their third ever show at The Hacienda, 1983


"When The Smiths first took to the stage they weren’t arriving with the missteps of a young band. They arrived as an armoured vehicle built with a cannon of material ready to send a 10-tonne-truck down your throat. Their third ever show, conducted on this day in 1983 at The Hacienda, saw The Smiths arrive as a fully formed unit.

Most bands will stumble through their first shows, falling over the pressure of live performance as well as the difficulty of pulling demos off your rag-tag cassette into the live forum. But no such issues faced The Smiths due in no small part to the powerhouse duo of Johnny Marr and Morrissey. Johnny Marr delivered the deeply layered sounds while Morrissey arrived with bubbling charisma that could not be contained. Gladioli and all.

The band’s first show had arrived four months earlier, with Dale Hibbert on bass, but just a few weeks later and Marr’s friend Andy Rourke had replaced him, completing the iconic line-up. It would see The Smiths open their live account at a gay club in Manchester known as Manhattan on January 25th. Just over a week later and with another thread of steel running through their set, The Smiths took to the stage at The Hacienda."


The setlist that night:
These Things Take Time / What Difference Does It Make? / The Hand That Rocks The Cradle / Handsome Devil / Jeane / What Do You See In Him? / Hand In Glove / Miserable Lie

For those interested, here is the FLAC audio of that gig from the Archive:

(Source pro shot/citizen2 rip - 153mb).

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