Far Out: Listen to Morrissey’s powerful isolated vocal on The Smiths’ ‘This Charming Man’

That's fabulous!


Any other vocal only tracks of Morrissey? All of the World Peace album and Low In High School would be nice to hear just Morrissey's vocals.

Saying that, I'd like to hear the vocal only versions of all of his albums please. Smiths too!
TCM & Stop Me... are multipart tracks that were reverse engineered from the Rock Band and Garage Band computer games.
Commonly referred to as 'stem tracks'.
All parts of the songs were available as separate tracks when decompiled.
They are not isolated vocals or a cappella in a true recording studio sense.
I believe 'Gurglejerk' and 'altscott3000' were the first to circulate these on this site in 2011 and YouTube/Far Out appear to have got some benefit from them (despite neither getting credit on both YT posts).
I will dust off the ".ogg" format original tracks that were in the Downloads section if anyone is that interested.
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