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Trouble loves me

I just read your theories about me (Mozzersgirl on the main page) and Mrs Woolf in yesterdays posts, God knows how i missed them the first time. Probably because I've been away.
I know you've made your strange little mind up about us but for the benefit of everyone else who may read this can i say that i've never heard anything so ridiculous in all the time i've been visiting this site. I may have become an 'avid' Moz fan when he released Quarry, but i'd been a fan for several years before that. I can't remember how i stumbled across morrissey-solo, but i did in the middle of my finals last year, when looking for moz stuff on the net, and i'm only here to talk about Moz, not live my life through weird little fantasies in virtual reality.
Furthermore, i have never met Mrs Woolf, or talked to her; i may have replied to one or two of her comments on the main page, that is all. She appears to be a sane human being to me, so your allegations about her are also way off the mark. What leads you to believe that we know one another? There is a 'mozzergirl' who posts on the main page, but he/she is a totally different person, and also seems quite sane, perhaps they know one another, perhaps they don't, if they do i doubt they'd waste their time constructing elaborate fantasies. Plus can we correct this idea that i've been in chat rooms or whatever to 'collaborate' on some Moz related conspiracy. I have never used a chat room in my life and will never because i find them rather sinister.
Also, whilst i used to look at morrisseymusic.com to see what was going on with Moz, i never corresponded with anyone on there or used any 'facets' of the website.
Anyways, believe what you like, i would not waste my time (or my 'limited' broadband time) making up interviews. I would like to imagine Moz looks at this site (not this discussion board though because it's mental) and regards me as one of the sane one's.
I feel i've just wasted my time answering your silly accusations but then again if you're the same person who's been trolling me on the main board i think i understand that i upset you with reason as much as you try to upset people with lies. It won't wash dear. I have a life to get back to.

Let's Go Devils

Her real name is Victoria Beckham and shes married to some football player.

He plays for Real Madrid


Re: oh the trolls don't listen to them it's probably Freeyourself

he's a mentally ill obese sex offender, with no life who stirs up fantasy world disputes here on fantasy island
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