FAO anyone looking for Manc Apollo 22nd Standing tickets

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Right, here's the deal...

Due to work commitments, I am unable to queue outside the Liverpool Empire from daft o'clock tomorrow morning, nor am I able to go online or use the phone (I will be delivering a training course in Manchester from 9.30 am onwards). Were this not the case, I would happily have spent a second consecutive Friday (I queued outside the Palace Theatre Box Office in Manchester from 5.40 am last Friday) queuing in the freezing cold to give myself the best possible opportunity of getting the best tickets possible for the Empire show (Liverpool is the closest thing I have to a 'hometown' show, as I am from the Wirral originally). Whilst my wife will be trying her best to get tickets over the interweb / on the phone in between her own commitments, I am concerned that she may end up empty handed (or with crap seats).

Now, this is where you guys come in...

I am willing to swap 2 standing tickets for the Friday night show at the Manchester Apollo (22nd) with the person who is able to offer in return 2 of the best possible seats (i.e., as close to the front of the Stalls as possible) for the Liverpool Empire show. This would be a straight swap, even though the Manchester tickets are clearly more valuable than the Liverpool ones (Moz's birthday in his hometown, etc.).

If anybody is interested, please PM me once you have booked your Liverpool tickets and let me know where the seats are (exact row and seat numbers please) and I will gladly swap with the person who is able to offer me the best seats.

Goodnight, and thank you.
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