Fans of The Smiths invited to Salford Lads Club (Mar. 3, 2012)

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    Press release:

    Fans of The Smiths will be familiar with the iconic photograph of the band standing outside Salford Lads Club.

    It was taken by Stephen Wright, in September 1985, and used as the gatefold artwork for the band’s penultimate album The Queen Is Dead, which was released in June 1986.

    Since then Salford Lads Club has seen thousands of the band’s fans turn up from all over the world to take pictures, recreate the famous pose and so on. Stephen Wright has done a number of charity recreations, with fans making a modest donation to charity in return for having their pic taken by the man who shot The Smiths in Salford.

    On 3 March, which is a little under two weeks’ time, Stephen will once again be at Salford Lads Club and has put out a call for Smiths fans – ideally with Morrissey-esque quiffs, and/or tattoos – to turn up for a special photo call to shoot their portraits

    The shots will go toward an exhibition and a selection included with some of his “ antique” shots of the Smiths to be held at the Holden Gallery in Manchester.

    The action will take place between 2pm and 5pm, on 3 March.

    The Salford Lads Club image has become so well-known and highly-regarded that it now forms part of the National Gallery’s photography collection.

    If you are a fan of The Smiths, but can’t make it, you can see Stephen’s limited edition prints of the Salford Lads Club shot, details here and also here.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2012 (read-only)' started by davidt, Feb 21, 2012.

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