Fandom: How does posting here change, alter, impact your experience of Morrissey ?

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I could write an essay. You won't read it. Surely some peer-reviewed papers have been written on the subject of fandom and forums (and forgive me if this has been done before, KP). Not a poll (shock). What I would like to know, and please broaden this out as much as possible, is that is there something to be said for just listening to the music absent all this information? Is there something to be said for listening to the music and limiting this information? Does the experience of Solo change you? What of just listening to the music and going to concerts? Or by getting just the basics from TTY - with no interactive forums? Do you ever envy those people whose experience is largely tangible / official, music, concerts, an Autobiography and whatever statements Morrissey puts out? Is your joy more likely to be killed by posting / reading comments here? Is being more informed worth it, if you find yourself in debates or reading comments that stay with you and somehow sadden you? Our sensitivities as individuals differ - what X may brush off - Y may think about for days, weeks, months. Do you ever feel overloaded with information? Is information overload better than the opposite because it shows Morrissey is active? Were the wilderness days worse, waiting, wondering, wishing, etc? Words escape me now.

I'm looking for both practical answers and philosophical ones on how being a member of this forum (thank you David T. for your never-ending passion in the face of adversity) effects/affects your experience of Morrissey in the short term, in the long term and very possible in your memory forever? When it's all said and done, do you want your memories of Morrissey to be colored by Morrissey-Solo? And if what you experience here is emblazoned on your subconscious mind how could you ever know and articulate the impact it has on how you experience the music, the man, the world of Morrissey, etc? Your collective insights never cease to amaze me. Please help the cause. Thank You.


i like being as informed as possible and want if nothing else more and more information so no i dont think im suffering an overload but really i feel there stills so much just out of reach that i must still be in a significant void. thats what stresses me out i believe. information tests your connection to the initial music you heard but imo thats a good thing to learn from. was my connection spoiled now that i know, was it as strong as i first thought it was anyway, will it be stronger now thats its been tested, will it be more rewarding etc just to be basic about it


It makes me worry and it makes me happy, sometimes both at the same time. It's great when people club together and discuss their reasons for loving Morrissey or to discuss his work and its many different meanings. It's frustrating and makes me consider my involvement in the site and with Morrissey when the MozSolo turns into a deluge of insults and becomes devoid of constructive comments. Used wisely and in a controlled way the site is brilliant and can offer so much to those who appreciate Morrissey's work, but sometimes it makes me rethink my involvement entirely.
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