Fame, fame, fatal fame...

also I didn't rate your post off-topic because you were talking about your friends suicide. I rated it off topic only because it was off topic. because when you NEEDLESSLY complained about my and waters delightful conversation in a thread which it was quite obvious you had no interest in posting in anyway-- which incidentally was my introduction to this poster named amy--I said to myself, whenever I see her posts going off topic, im going to rate them off topic. and so I do. as I should. on PRINCIPLE, see. because im an ethical person.

Do you know what people with ethics and principles do? They acknowledge when they've f***ed up or if they've hurt someone, even if that was not their intention. They look for compromise, they look to reconcile, mostly they do not seek out endless drama to draw attention to themselves. You have neither ethics or principles. You are f***ed up.
and yes "mocking" was the wrong word. quite, quite wrong. but you were happy to let people think that I had mocked him, weren't you? I mean, you purposely chose to use that word even though you knew that I hadn't done any such thing, and surely you must know also that there is a big difference between "mocking a suicide" and "rating a post off-topic"?

Read my original post again.
I said you mocked my post, not the subject.
wait, Morrissey is gay?
very poor articleo_O

boy george wore a dress and had many hits in the USA:straightface:
FAO: rifke and Amy, please stop hijacking the thread.

If you don't, I'll move your posts to the pigsty.

Agreed - put them in the pigsty
A very well-thought and well-written article in my opinion. The writer has clearly invested a lot into Morrissey and manages to convey his mixed feelings in an eloquent fashion. This can easily be deduced from how it has put the usual trolls here in a huff, because while clearly appreciative of Morrissey, the article steers clear from sycophancy.
Moderator alert!

:)poutingcat:^^^^^AMBER TROLL ALERT!!^^^^^^^)

the Smiths were to break big in the USA when our local hero:handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: f'ed it up all up
by getting hysterical and quitting to join "The The" a very sucky group.

article is total troll bollocks.:handfist:
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