Fair price for ‘Ringleader’ vinyl?


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What is the general consensus on a decent price for ‘Ringleader of the Tormentors’ on Vinyl, in decent comdition. Seen the median on Discogs is between £50-£100 and there are only going to get scarcer (unless the ‘fans’ who are selling their beloved Moz collections pull their fingers out).

Anyone buy a copy recently? How much?


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normally 50-65


I remember in Sept 2009, HMV flogging them for £3.
How times change.

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I picked one up for 60 USD (including shipping) about 2 years ago. I thought that was a steal.

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I have 4,one of them cost 12,5 eur sealed 4 years ago.The others no more than 50£ and in mint or near mint condition.Only one has a seam split on front cover,as seller put disc in front cover,not outside cover as i always ask.But that cost me 39 eur with shipping.
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