Factory International: "A night with The Johnny Marr Orchestra" (on December 7-8, 2023)



Get ready for a night of classics and fan favourites brought to life with a new, expanded sound as Johnny Marr takes to the stage with a full orchestra.

Known for crafting a generation-defining guitar sound with The Smiths,
Marr has carved out an equally impressive solo career, bringing his masterful playing to a new generation of indie rock fans.

In 2022, Marr released his fourth solo album Fever Dreams Pts. 1–4 to widespread critical acclaim, before touring with the likes of Blondie and The Killers. Now, he brings his live show back to where it all began – right here in Manchester.

For this special performance at Aviva Studios, Marr is joined on stage by some of the best classical musicians from across Manchester. Together, they’ll reinterpret Marr’s mightily impressive catalogue in A Night with the Johnny Marr Orchestra.

This looks rather interesting.

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Unfortunately I think it's just going to be the official announcement of a new solo 'Best Of' compilation LP. According to the recent podcast that was posted here a couple of days ago, his record label asked him do delay going in the studio making a new album, and curate a compilation instead to mark 10 years of his solo career. So probably nothing new - unless he does what Moz did with 'Greatest Hits' and teases a couple of new songs from his next LP.
It is a best of.

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