Face it, Morrissey was right: Everyone ultimately prefers their own race



When Morrissey said "Everyone ultimately prefers their own race", he was right.

This is just one example of someone that preferred his own race. Jutta Hipp, mentioned here was a German jazz pianist. Art Blakey was an american jazz drummer:

"A story from her time playing in New York clubs is that drummer Art Blakey asked her to play with his band one night, but "she refused, saying she was drunk, and anyway did not think she was good enough. Blakey dragged her to the piano, and started playing at a furious tempo which she could not handle. Blakey then addressed the audience: 'Now you see why we don't want these Europeans coming over here and taking our jobs!'"[4]"

Now let that sink in while you think about Brexit...

Anyway, if you get a chance, have a listen to Jutta Hipp:

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