'f*** morrissey-solo.com' t-shirt worn by Morrissey and band in Bradford

Update (June 29, 7:50 AM PT):
Media coverage:

Morrissey wages war on own fansite - The Guardian, link from Uncleskinny
Morrissey vs. His Fans - ClashMusic
Morrissey - Morrissey's F-Word Blast At Fan Website - ContactMusic
Morrissey Hates His Fans, The Music Industry, The Smiths, The Internet And YOU. Probably. - Hecklerspray

They came out in 'f*** Morrissey solo.com' for the encore of This Charming Man.

ironically he was holding a copy of Manchester Music Tour by .......JJ

Image from Facebook posted by modrevolve:

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Now now, that's silly, I thought we had all agreed to stop wishing for impossible things!

No one's going to make a "Screw True to You!" t. shirt back anyway. Move along now. (David, I think it's time for that restraining order.)


the one he left behind
Seriously, why does he troll the only site that still cares about him.

Morrissey, I'd know almost nothing about you with this site. Especially the 7 long years that you went without an album to your name.



Bonnie, Hi, a couple of things:

1. I think Julia is clearly the no. 1 Moz fan.
2. Your medication isn't doing the job it should.
3. People have opinions. Was it Wilde who said the only thing worse than being talked about, was being ignored. As others have noted, this site has kept the flame flickering during the (very) lean years.
4. If Morrissey intended to crucify the site - as you intimated - the perverse thing is that the reverse will happen. The publicity is wonderful.
5. "Criminal" - please - get some perspective.
6. Get some fresh air, it may help.



It is hardly behaviour that is out of character for Morrissey.

Maybe the High Court judge was right in his observations.

Troy's Keen

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Though it hurts ever so slightly to see him wear this, it shouldn't come completely unexpected.

The cowardice of the Anonymous post will tend to feel like a misplaced pebble in your shoe after awhile. It's easy to throw rocks at your target if you never have to make yourself visible or accountable for your words.


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Why use the internet, when you can just print a t-shirt?

Only Morrissey.


This site sucks major ass I am so proud of Morrissey for doing this. Who the hell are you to pass judgement or rate the comments people make as if you are some chosen god????He has fans that exist because they like him who probably have never heard of this site and if they did would not be a giant asshole and bother to give it a second look.He definitely does not need your negative remarks and stupid commentaries.

King Leer

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Like some of the others who've posted above I've also been coming here since pretty much the beginning in '97, and remember the pre-internet fanzines on sale at Tower Records et al. I've always thought a lot (but not all) of the truly nasty sentiment on Moz-solo could be removed by disabling anonymous comments on the main page. But David has stated several times over the years that he feels this part of the site should be "anything goes". It's his shop so I respect that.

I also have to parrot others above and say that this site was a Godsend during the lean years between Maladjusted and Quarry.
There is empirically no way that this site has led to less ticket and album sales, only more, so for that Morrissey should be thankful.

I think that while Moz and Boz do have a dim view of morrissey-solo.com there may be just a smidgen of begrudging respect in that F.U.


Old bastard? More like Morrissey is a gorgeous, attractive, handsome, thin man and you can’t deal or cope with it. Boo hoo. Morrissey will mop the floor with you all. To all you evil, vindictive, phony, mental bastards out there, who even remotely think for a second that Morrissey is using said t-shirt as a mental ploy to gain publicity, then you are all out of your God damn skulls. It’s laughable to even think that Morrissey would wear this t-shirt and have his band members wear this t-shirt to promote this wasteland.

You are all responsible for the t-shirts. With your redundant banter … Jesse this, Jesse that. Then you carry on with your “Morrissey should get a new band” blah, blah, blah. We are sick of hearing it. So is Morrissey. So SHUT UP!

You know what you’ve done. No need to go in depth. Just google Jesse. Enough is enough. The t-shirts are a representation of what I am telling you here right now.

Also, Morrissey doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you and doesn’t want you as a fan so why are you voicing your rubbish, invalid, poison on here? Your shit is weak. Cretins.

F**k it. Morrissey ain’t playing. Morrissey owes you all shit. To sum it up, if any of you fans who in actuality are really just haters, if any of you even knew SPM, then you would absorb and internalize the facts. Morrissey knows God damn well, all about “musicians”. He knows all about music. OK? But he isn’t going to give you all shit because none of you bastards deserve it. And what he knows is none of your damn business.

Morrissey protects the people he cares for. He likes and respects Jesse as well as he likes and respects certain other people. He isn’t going to just sit here and let you spaz, donkeys abuse Jesse and Boz every mother fu**ing day. Not to mention Morrissey himself. I don’t even have time right now to go in depth about how you trash Morrissey himself on here. But it’s pathetic. It’s criminal really.
You think Morrissey gives a f**k about what you have to say. That’s a joke if you think that.

Broken records are on here every day, I swear to God.

Truly yours,

Your biggest fan,

This is Bonnie.

Bonnie 2828. sheeyit... spaz donkeys. lulz.


While new to this sight it is quite a treasure trove for current information on Morrissey. Some of the anonymous comments are vile and may-be that what he is sick of. Being such a newbie that is what stuck me the most ...... the garbage that flows out of some of these peoples minds. If you don't like morrissey get the heck off the sight !!!!!!
David please keep up the good work on here. Take the shirts as Morrissey's twisted humor.


While new to this sight it is quite a treasure trove for current information on Morrissey. Some of the anonymous comments are vile and may-be that what he is sick of. Being such a newbie that is what stuck me the most ...... the garbage that flows out of some of these peoples minds. If you don't like morrissey get the heck off the sight !!!!!!
David please keep up the good work on here. Take the shirts as Morrissey's twisted humor. :)


I love it :thumb:

i'm a HUGE Moz fan and come to this site for news - it's the best. I'd hate to see it shut down.

To the idiots who say his new songs are shit and that's why he doesn't have a label....Quarry had many tracks that had better melodies than the garbage on radio, yet no Quarry songs were played with any regularity during the Quarry era.

Radio and pop music today is garbage. Rapping about cars/material shit + bands wearing thrift store clothing and skinny jeans

Moz, Depeche Mode, U2: please dont ever leave us. Look at what the f*** you'd be leaving us with. It ain't fair


I'm surprised Martin wore one too. I thought he was a married man?
Who knew he lusted after young Mutewit like that. Will there be a ttribute backdrop with Mutewit staring at himself in a mirror soon?
Does your wife know what you're up to on the internet? Naughty man.

And all that because we said you was a bit portly. Doesn't your missus tell you the same? No need to get upset. It's not as if anyone'd said Happy Martyr made quality music, now is it.

I'm going to start a nice polite site about beer, you're welcome to troll there anytime, Boz. Bring hot (potatoe) studs.

There's a rumour that you're chubby and chummy. Don't know why. I've always thought you were a well-disguised calculating bitter greedy Dumbo sausage; you're not funny, and you're not smart, and now I have proof, so I'm glad.

It would have been ok if he'd had the dodgy idea himself, we're used to the crap. But he felt like listening to your expert advice. You're actually the brainpower behind a sad bunch of musical trolls... Who knew? I most certainly didn't.
And I didn't want to hurt your feelings, but these songs are total shite...Still... Happy end of tour, eh. And loads of success for your new album, Martin Boorer! With a team like that, It's going to be a hit I'm sure.

From: Mutt Witness (no, true, I don't expect you to get that one).



It seems that
bears more grudges
than lonely
High Court

Moz loves
his drama, The
(Drama) Queen
Is Not

And just how
is posting
under a name which
is a play
of words based
on a
Morrissey song title
any less anonymous
than "Anonymous"?


mick ransommich

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There are people who couldn't give a f*** what Morrissey does or says. Some people just like his music. The members of this site have lined Morrissey's pockets for years. This site is not all about Morrissey. It's more about a load of people who happen to like all things Morrissey. And most importantly - it's about a bloke called David, who continues to allow this to happen for these people.


Forever Ill
I am a long time follower of Morrissey, but I can't understand why he kep putting
this site down, where would he have been without this site in his labelless 7 years

I would advise to sue him, David T... he[morrissey full of no discrimination no rascist]
what's this T shirt, I think he got over the line with these T shirt

and I still adore Morrissey as much as before I read this, but this is childish, discrimination
and stab in the back of many regulars here

Viva Morrissey



Dear Moz, it is called 'freedom of speech'. It's ugly and irritating, cause people just don't say what you want them to say, but it sure beats all the alternatives. You have lived your life by the principle so why criticise this site for doing the same? This is the best fan site on the net without a doubt. Sure, half the comments and gossip on the site are crap and show people at their most crass and petty, but the problem is with the human race, not this site. You know that. Keep up the good work, David.


You know, this act is such a huge disappointment I think I'm going to throw away the tickets for the remaining shows I've got. That man doesn't deserve us.

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