'f*** morrissey-solo.com' t-shirt worn by Morrissey and band in Bradford

Update (June 29, 7:50 AM PT):
Media coverage:

Morrissey wages war on own fansite - The Guardian, link from Uncleskinny
Morrissey vs. His Fans - ClashMusic
Morrissey - Morrissey's F-Word Blast At Fan Website - ContactMusic
Morrissey Hates His Fans, The Music Industry, The Smiths, The Internet And YOU. Probably. - Hecklerspray

They came out in 'f*** Morrissey solo.com' for the encore of This Charming Man.

ironically he was holding a copy of Manchester Music Tour by .......JJ

Image from Facebook posted by modrevolve:

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What's the use of all these f***ing "fan"(atic) forums? Anybody sane here will answer me? Oh. Sorry, it is a rhetorical question. I hate the word "fans", sounds like shit. Why can't you just have brains and a heart? Brains - for being a HUMAN, a heart - for loving. Loving! Just loving! You just sit on all these forums, imagining all impossible things about Moz, saying how you wish to sleep with him (good god!), gossiping all around, what not. What do you care? Who are you? Just a herd of idiotic perverts. Leave him ALONE, as he wishes to be. Just LOVE his works, enjoy his concerts, try to UNDERSTAND him. Instead of gossiping, shitting around, calling him bad things (how dare you!). There is no person on this f***ing site who really loves Moz and what he's done, who really understands him! Get a life, nullities, keeping "their heads between their legs". Goodbye!

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