f***ing cruel bastards! - Horse racing: thousands of racehorses killed in slaughterhouses


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according to countthree "everything counts"
Of course.


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I was fortunate enough to become aware of this at a very young age. I took a trip to Italy when I was 11 years old and while wandering around a fountain on the Amalfi Coast, a girl my age approached me and said, in an accent I could never forget, “you are very beautiful.” She kissed me on the cheek and ran off with her friends.

And thus began my storied popularity with the opposite sex. A blessing and a curse, I can assure you.
thats how it all began.
putting on a hat and pushing it down onto my eyebrows, and defiantly,beauty in towo_O ,walking into the shop
and buying an electric hair clipper, so all dudes would think i had hair.:hammer:
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